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The Spirit Of Wisdom Is The Principal Thing

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Proverbs 4:7 says, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 2:6 says, “For whatsoever a man shall ask of the Lord, that shall he find.” There are many scriptures in the bible with which to debate about the importance of wisdom. Opening your mind to the power of God is the first step to receiving the wisdom of God.

Wisdom is obtainable anywhere. At any time in the day God can direct you to speak to your problem. Wisdom allows you to see through the eyes of God. There are no minefields you must walk through to get to the treasure laid up in your heart. Wisdom is the enabling energy that can get a project of God’s off the ground.

Over all creation, even though there is much bestowed upon man, the creature rather than the Creator has authority. As you accept the wisdom of God, you will see things with new possibilities.

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Many people are limiting themselves to less for fear of making a mistake or ill-judging a situation. Fearing the consequences of an ill-judged decision is piercing foolishness. With knowledge of the wisdom of God, you can let your conscience rest and act only after the inner peace of God. The Power of Divine Wisdom cannot be fooled. It cuts through the vain imaginations and overplays the pros and cons of each decision. So you’ll be able to corner the better of God and not make a fool of yourself.

Many have defeated themselves by acting upon foolishness. They succeeded only to destroy themselves and their reputation. So you have a narrow way and there’s no pushing and pulling. You’re not emotional, you’re neither moved by pleasure, neither flamboyant; you’re sober-minded, neither quick-tempered and neither selfish; you do not easily lose your cool. You cannot afford to abruptly hand your will over to the predictions of a folly. You cannot be swayed by a childish cry of. You’re in control and not subject to the weakness of an opinion. You do not base your trust on feelings, but rather on the sure knowledge of the power behind every deed.

The ancients recognized the value of wisdom. In midst of thrones, the most High placed Wisdom in the midst of His children. The most High called wisdom the beginning of prosperity for men; joy and peace were the consequence of wisdom and a free will were the gift of the Sages to all who believe, “but may the just live by what they sow.”

Is this amazing? Wisdom is priceless. It is an all-conquering virtue that is the foundation of strength, power and wisdom. Health, happiness, and prosperity are Wisdom’s gifts to us. Maybe we have scoffed at the idea of Wisdom in the past, but today the time for Wisdom’s Collinsworth is declare and begin the work of the ages.

This story about the Diprotolous captive, Moses, and the way in which he responded to God’s call for help, is yet another beautiful illustration of the value of Wisdom. Consider what happened when the children of Israel received their father and were now free to go the wilderness. Moses there and even when the parting was drawing near, he gave way only to his dignity and deference to God’s will. These two words that our father slang “the confined place” or “the box,” illustrates a point for us about how we behave in uncontrolled situations. Whether we are prisoners of misguided decisions, or whether our circumstances represent a condition of abuse, our Power of Wisdom gives us back our personal freedom with the knowledge that operating from the inside out is our safe haven.

Be wise from inside out,whatever you do. wisdom is as direct as the power of a river. Experience the wisdom of God for your recovery from problems, poor choices, poor health, and the consequences of non-life. Wisdom is the ability to reach inside with the confidence of knowing that, because of the work done from the inside out, the outside will be covered by the confining force of God working in the favor of your slippery motives.

An idea of the difficulties that the children of Israel faced reflects the depth of the wisdom of God. The Hebrew Bible tells us that the children of Israel were unable to enter into the place of God because of their unbelief. Perhaps their unbelief came from lack of knowledge and a lack of wisdom. We do not enter a house with the intention of walking out unpleasant experiences. Teach your children a valuable lesson while they can enjoy the process, and remember that their experience may be integral to their encouragement to seek wisdom themselves.

The way through harmful influences is through prayer and commitment to the will of God.

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The Spirit Of Wisdom Is The Principal Thing
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