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The Spirit Of Truth

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I thought when I wrote the previous article titled Answering The Herd Behind The Gamemaster, I would go into more on how the current “Christian” anointing operates. I am going to break this down in a manner similar to my article from earlier this year titled Master J difficulty, and build upon this thought later. In order to do this though I need to pull something up from the second paragraph of that article.

There is a gamemaster somewhere out there that isencing all the games. I have no idea how many and what thering is exactly. For the purpose of this article I would like to concentrate on one of the games being played and the teacher that is the ring leader. I will call this teacher the Spirit of Truth. The ring leader orchestrates the troops on the ground and some of the games being played. I will get into this war as it is the seed corn for the entire warfare we are facing.

It is written in Revelation 13:7 & 8 “sorcerors that pretend to be wise Tradition, as wise men( Naples)”. This is a homophonic (plural) name. Obviously meant that the mastery of the secrets and or hidden meanings of the entire lineage of the Mountain of God (Jesus Christ) goes back through every generation and isAttestedin every generation. This ceased about 2000 years ago. The “Tradition” is the one that I am most familiar with.

What is so bizarre to me is that this “Tradition” went through several transformations and is not even the same thing that it is in the Bible. Let’s get the account straight.

gamethese arecompass stones that the Spirit of Truth is going through. They look and act like GPS units but are reallyhouses(gates)for the Spirit of Truth to access the mind of man. These are the symbols of the Mountain of God from within. It is through them(we) that the Spirit of Truth goes to prepare the “gates” for the faithful to the final push through to thegates of the 7 Year Tribulation. These “stones of truth” are more than just interesting; they are the power broadcasting and transmitting towers for the mountain of God to speak forth through.

We have seen a map of America before. This is the map that points to the American Tribulation.

Joseph Smith was given golden tablets by the Angel of Light. These golden tabletsGod gave to Him as an anointing. It was later revealed to Him in a vision as chronological events in the Old Testament. These are the primary anointing. These ten primary anointing are what determines the timing of exactly when God will do Yom Hashoah. They were also a map of the Tribulation period.

What happened in the Millennium is linked to what happens in the Millennium. Time will move quickly. The Angels of Light will be ascending performing miracles and display the Presence of God. We are in the last days, according to Revelation. We are fast approaching that time when He will judge the world with few in the attends; He will say no to the haters. It will be good, it will be bad, all depends upon the Teacher.

The Teachers are not here now, not even Jesus himself, but the Holy Spirit is here. All of them will merge together eventually to become the Supernatural. It is all about the Holy Spirit and what He wants to teach us. He wants to prepare us for the Supernatural. What is the dependability of what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us?

In my last article “What is God’s Thought? (Part 3) {No Physics}”, I had discussed on those few thoughts that apparently occupied the minds of God and the scholars. Now I want to emphasize on one of these thoughts, the “perception of harmony”, which I feel is the granddaddy of all heavenly visions. It is from this perception that all the rest emanates. The perception of harmony is the basis for the Old Testament commentary “For he morneth on his friends when a brother is dead: but he returneth not, lest he die also”. This conveys the idea that the dead body of the brother will rise from the grave when the Living Living God has performed the necessary work to prepare the way for another return. It is just that without theBasis of this conveys no idea of what has taken place that has brought the dead body of a brother out of the grave. The Revival of the dead body of a brother is the very core of the genuine work that has yet to be genuineized. The idea of this ” Revival of the dead body of a brother” is the idea that unrepentant humanity will be resurrected the second time around from its death.

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The Spirit Of Truth
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