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The Spirit Of Truth – Part 2

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In Part 1, we discussed the basic principles of the Pentecostal faith, also known as the trinity doctrine. We set out 11 principles to help you comprehend the teaching of the trinity and how it relates to the rest of the bible. Once you understand these 11 principles, then you can begin to see why the trinity is not trinitarianism all together. The trinity doctrine is really a particular trinity position within the godhead of the godhead. Pentecostalism, although different in its details, remains trinitarian under the bylaw of the trinity.

When we discussed the issue of the Holy Spirit, we discussed the position of the Holy Spirit in the realm of the Christian faith. We are not discussing the role of the Holy Spirit here; rather, we are discussing the doctrine itself, from the stand point of the Christians and the doctrine of the trinity.

Now, if we could concentrate and see only one element of the trinity doctrine, then it would be the element of the eternal security of the believer. The most unsettling thing about the trinity doctrine appears to be this fact of the security of the believer.

Why is the believer secure? Why does he or she feel and believe that they are secure? Well, when we look at the account in the gospel of St. John, we have a description of the security of the believer. Here are the facts, as described in John’s gospel:

1.The investiture of the Holy Spirit

Out of all eternity, to the sons of God came a Son. This is no small statement. It is a statement of artistic proportions. Here is a description of the size of the universe, which includes the size of the planets and the stars, and then the size of the earth, which is regarded as tiny. Out of all eternity, the one Son was birthed out of none-none-ness.

2.The investiture of the Holy Spirit at the Last Supper

Having scrutinized and understood the investiture of the Holy Spirit, we now come to understand why the presence of the Holy Spirit is essential to our salvation. As described in John’s gospel, the apostles and disciples believed in the investiture of the Holy Spirit. And what was the Roman Commander, Caiaphas, thinking? Was he thinking, “Well, I’ll have just a little of this and a little of that. I’ll get by just fine with this ‘ outweighing’ effect. No, no. I’m ‘going to be Prince of the Jews.’ I’m going to be more powerful than all of you put together.” This investiture was given by Christ to all those who participated in the Last Supper.

3.The investiture of the Holy Spirit at the transfiguration

If you are to receive from God, it is not to seek His uncome-from-home promises. To understand the importance of the investiture of the Holy Spirit, we need to step back from the event itself. We should understand the meaning of this event and our role in it. As recorded in the gospel of St. Matthew, Jesus and His disciples went up to the temple at the Transfiguration. It was during this feast that Jesus earned the name of “Hail” from His disciples, for the glory of God, as the true Son of Man. From this moment, He engaged the operation of the Holy Spirit on His life. He began to speak with tongues, cure the sick, cause the blind to see, and drive out demons. It is reasonable to expect that this occurred for the purpose of the quickening of the disciples, so that they, too, might glorify God in Spirit and in truth. In this process of divine manifestation, the name of the Lord was also glorified in the hearts of his followers.

This is the only instance in the history of our species (and human history) where the word of God is used as a medium for grace to be used. Throughout the entire history of redemption, this word of God has never been repudiated for it’s divine manifestation and purposes.


This whole subject of the sovereignty of God in the work of creation is a deeply philosophical one, yet it does not entail ignoring the sinfulness of man. Indeed, it is one of the dilemmas we all face in our hearts. We must manage our lust and our fears. God can never be used in such a way. However, God seeks to be changed in the hearts of his people. He is interested in seeing His work of grace work through the members of his body. The only way this can happen is through the mediation of the Holy Spirit, who mediates between God and man, bringing about a reconciliation that will stand the test of time.

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The Spirit Of Truth – Part 2
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