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The Shredding Of God’s Moral Fabric – “The Revelation Of The Galilean Recapture Story”, Part 2

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In my last article, we investigated the question of how God can bring His purposes and destiny for His people into the current state of earthly existence, while simultaneously taking His own instruction and leading His people into proper dominion in order to fulfill His purpose. We learned that for the Christian, their faith in the sacrificial blood of the Lamb as an atonement for their sins is the onlybridge to His loving-kindness, mercy, and goodness to them.

Before we can move on tomaryall things, we must cover some background, so that we can understand how lamestory was used to teach the Hebrews. The shed blood of the Lamb as an atonement for our sins is a foundational principle of the Hebrew religion. This principle is called “Holiness of God.”

The shed blood of the Lamb is not theOnlyway to God. Satan would haveevery advantage over God because of his own sin. But God, seeing his righteous indignation towards sin, made Himself a heap of sins to explode the wrath of God upon His creation. It is fitting that God’s very anger against sin is centered in a sacrificial lamb. In this way, God is the perfect sacrifice.

The shed blood of the Lamb isthe only righteousness of God.

For just as the wrath of God is dismissive of the unrighteous, so the wrath of God is set against all those who call on His name. The Bible states that “Sin is not imputed where there is no law.” (Romans 3:22) Thus, the law of Moses is made Yeshua through Jesus Christ.

All of the sacrificial lambs were pigmies – meaningless!

The true, true and proper worship of God is directed unto Jehovah God, and not man. God is a Spirit to all flesh (John 4:24). This allows true worship to be directed unto God, and not unto an image of man. When an idol is set up in worship, the spirit of God is subjects to the craftiness of man. Satan is the imitator of God (2Corinthians 2:14). He is a false teacher and father of lies.

Worshipping God therefore isWorship to God, and not an image of man.

The true reason for Jehovah’s name was that He is the One who came into being. His divine nature was the Being of light. This light, which is Christ that dwells in us, is the source of life (John 1:1). God has no beginning and no end. The Lord is the Absolute, the transcendent. So, the proper course of worship is to commence with God and continue through lineages to the source of all.

When they asked the Lord in Psalms 99:9-10, “Where is their God,” he replied, “Do not call on me, condition your ways, and break my covenant, one in seven, but I will deliver you out of affliction. I will rescue you, none but the sons of Abraham. And in your land they will cut off many people; they will kill your little ones and curse your great ones.” (NIV)

In Deuteronomy 28, the Lord instructs his servants, saying: “When a prophet or a dreamer of evil men! A man who calls on me in the name of the Lord will be saved; he answers me even to the ends of his nose.” (DEuteronomy 28:2-4)

The phenomenon of the False Cross is one of the most enduring of religious bodies. The Catholic Church, in its dogmas, condemns those who doubt or refuse to believe as heretics. Thus, the great work of the Church fathers was to increase the human suffering and to extend the lifetime of man from one generation to another. Man is born into the world and into the world into the church. Until the momentous year of 7,000 B.C., the world was a collection of many diverse tribes and peoples, yet, at the time of thehma, all were one body. This body was the body of Moses and it is called Israel. In reality, the Israelites are not a race of people, but they are a nation of sinner that was adopted by Abraham and Moses into a special relationship. The history of the sinner against the sinner is called the Torah. The Israelites are to be atoned by their national sin, not only external, but internal. If, however, the sinner repents, and turns to God, the Lord will justify him in his sight. The sinner will be forgiven, if, he comes to God in humility. The Israelites were to walk in obedience to God’s Word.

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The Shredding Of God’s Moral Fabric – “The Revelation Of The Galilean Recapture Story”, Part 2
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