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The Sacred Flame Of The Heart – Conclusion

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The Lover and the Beloved

What causes the Sacred Flame to burn in your heart?

This wondrous Fire of the Spirit is present within you all along, but you must awaken to it, and once you do, you begin feeling it. What you begin to realize and sense is the love of God for you. God has always loved you and always will, but now you are feeling it fervently. This love of God for you instantly stimulates your yearning and devotion toward Him, awakening your own love for the Most Holy One. You find yourself loving God, because He first loved you. Once you realize and exist within the love of God for you, your life will be totally transformed. It is the establishment of your existence as a human being on the earth plane that begins to challenge and awakens your love for God. God wants you to experience great joys and pleasures.

Once your love is awakened, established and begins to flourish, it is ignited by the Fire of the Lover and the Spark of the Beloved. Two things are now present. The two forces multiplied by the Fire of Love are God and Man, the two aspects of any relationship. Once the two forces come into contact with each other, the love so common to Man and God intensifies and stimulates the infilling of God’s love and power within the heart of Man. Love for God and love for Man come together and unite in intensity to create God’s Will and way, as for His Kingdom. It is in this state of intensity of being that true happiness is realized, and it is in this state of intensity that great joy becomes a state of being to the degree that happiness is felt in your heart and throughout your whole body.

You walk joyously amidst the sadness and you joyously walk through the pain. Remove yourself from the center of the storm and into the region of the calm. Deliver yourself from the turmoil of the dark clouds and trouble. Surrender yourself to the Will of God and walk in the quietness and solitude. Delivered from evil, delivered from the power of masculinePower. Allow the Feminine Power of God to penetrate your whole being and to lift you to a higher level of reality. Go forth now into the tremendous love of the Goddess and the Goodness of the Father in the birth of the everlasting child. Meditate upon this vision and image, until it becomes real and crystallizes within your own consciousness.

It is as important to be present with the vision and imagery as to what the image actually is. If you were to examine the flame of a candle you know without doubt that the flame is bright, yet you turn the page and only see a small point of light. The truth is that the small points of light you see are the different levels of the candle and the greater infilling of the flame. If you were able to examine the images in your mind of the things you desire you would see that your mind creates images, and an image is just a symbol of something else. Now you begin to put your consciousness into action, you no longer create images, but a collection of symbols which represent your desires, so the cycle continues.

Each day when the sun shines through the clouds, a shimmering of silver is seen in the rainbow that surrounds the earth. This is the love which is the mission of our soul. Each day it scatters pieces of itself in the ever expanding vibrational fields of the Quantum Ocean and sends a signal out to the planets and the inner worlds.

On a small planet like Earth a race of beings have evolved to the stage where they can be observed by the inset beam of the cosmic mind. They have their own individualized image, so they can be called by the many inset beams of the cosmic mind to perform particular tasks. One of these beings will be selected to evolve and be volunteered to act as a medium, and will be sent out into the world to perform its duty.

All of these selected ones will factor in harmonizing and balancing the energy of their environment, and bringing in that harmonization which will permit the smoothly flowing fruition of their life-long mission. This is one of the main purposes why the soul entered into the physical world, to set an example for the evolution of consciousness of its contemporaries.

One of the mysteries of life is what is the purpose of man, and man has been searching for purpose for eons of time, and here is the one reason that the Creator endowed man with intellect and a will. The will is the power and direction of the soul, and the intellect is the illumination of the understanding of the Word.

Man was endowed with everything — rationality, creativity, and imagination, the two latter complementing the former.

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The Sacred Flame Of The Heart – Conclusion
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