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The Revelation Of Our Coming Life And Missions

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I see so clearly, and with perfect clarity, what our Father has chosen for this season in the life of the earth, and into the lives of each one of us.

Our Father sent us an excess of loving kindness, guidance, love, grace and comfort. Now is the time to bring those gifts into the lives of those around us.

Life is a process, a journey, a gathering, and a revelation. Each day we live, move and have our being within this gathering, within this revelation.

Living is a constant expansion, contraction, inhalation, exhalation, and movement. This movement can be random at times and chaotic at others.

But, it is all part of a process to a greater or lesser degree. This explains much of our experiences. This explains why we tend to fade into either our past, or our future. It is simply part of the human condition.

This understanding may explain certain conditions, such as why it is so difficult to change a permanent brain injury, or COPD, or severe burn injuries to a leg, or even an arm, as explained in past articles. Our brains, even with the injury,agrams and connections, are able to change.

But, it explains why it is so difficult to forgive as we all know that we need to forgive others. It explains why we seemingly will never be able to change, as explained in past articles. It explains why we experience joy one day and absence the next. It explains why there seems to be waste in our lives as waste is often the result of an overemphasis or negativity.

All those feelings we have that we choose to suppress and mask as they arise. Even anger, which we can cathortize and put into a “happy” or “not happy” category. As discussed in past articles, our empathic nature helps us to identify with people as we journey through life. This is why our experiences can sometimes seem effortless, when they are in reality often the last places a person would expect to end up.

If the feelings we have are empathic to a person or people, they will respond in a positive way if that person “shunned” us. As a result, we begin to move towards treating that person as we would have wanted them to treat us. We may also push the other person away and withhold love from them.

In other words, we push them away because we are withdrawing our love out of fear. Fear is an emotion, and in reality is impossible to define, as it can only be generated and actualized at the physical and sometimes even morelasting level through the ingredient of fear.

Fear can only change our response, not the other person’s. Feelings of unreality can lead to absences that reveal as such. If we push the person away, out of fear, then the person no longer sees the possibility of interconnection and becomes motivated to see us as insubordinate.

In a sense, in our experience with a lack of awareness of Interconnectedness, we begin to not only overlook but show dislike toward that which caused us pain and emptiness. We then find reasons to block from our consciousness that which we had intended to be shared with others.

When it comes to restoring this connection with our spiritual nature, we can identify any lack of communion with our divine nature. When it comes to our mind, we may become mindful of thoughts that no longer serve to illuminate our path. Our eyes may begin to see problems that we had long overlooked. Energetically, this movement of our consciousness may become painful as it may mean that we are beginning to see the materialization of ideas and concepts that were only ideas and concepts to begin with. Yet it is this movement of our consciousness that allows inspiration to find it’s way into the lives of others. It is through inspiration that ideas and concepts are able to be born.

One of the worst ways of growing a good idea is through the “evil” of criticism. Yet, it is this very process of criticism that helps us to understand the merits of what we believe. When we criticize others, we are really only criticizing what we believe about ourselves. If there is a problem in your life, then there is a problem in other areas of your life as well and criticism of other things is just a small way of pointing the finger at the problem within.

Spiritual development is not a set of ideas that we adopt for any particular period of time but rather a process that we walk with throughout lifetime. Yet, there will be some degree of improvement in our abilities to comprehend our environment on a spiritual level at any particular time. Yet, it is this improvement that is IVossitedby the process of seeing our own faults. It is this IVossification that allows inspiration to be born.

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The Revelation Of Our Coming Life And Missions
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