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The Religion Of Love – The Solution For Man’s Suffering

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Question:”What is The Religion of Love?”

Answer:The Religion of Love is the only true solution for the suffering of man. For all the religions of the world have their principles and teaching on some aspects of this life, but True Love is universal, holistic, andDoes not contain any contradictions.

Generally, all the teachings of the different religions are good and true. But each religion has its own particular perspective, way to do things and thus its name. True Love is universal and holistic,It is not contained in the visible and touchable aspect of this world.

For example:We all know that – unlike other animals, unlike other people we cannot touch another person’s body, we can hold their hand, caress their face, or talk to them. But we cannot love them, just as we cannot love a flower, a tree, an animal, we cannot hold love in our mind or even feel it inside our body, because all these things are born of the human and have to exist in the human’s body. So we cannot love in the spiritual world because all that is happening there is the work of the spirit and hence the spirit has no need to enter the human’s body.Spiritual love is hence Not based on the physical and with the human form, it is Not based on food and hunter gatherers, nor on any worldly phenomena.

With True Love, all the actions that the spirit has to take in this world, is the action of giving without any motive of gaining anything in return. We give Not because we want to, nor do we give because we have to, but True Love is the cause of all giving because all life exists of love.

Love born of this world is not the love that we naturally feel, True Love is the love that isNaturallygiven, and has no motive to be received. Please remember that these love words and examples are using the word natural. Also, the emotions and feelings that we feel and every emotion we experience are not the natural emotions and feelings we experience in the True World.

The emotions and feelings that we experience in the True World are Almost solely the work of the Ego, and the Egoified person is the person that feels and experience emotions and feelings that are purely caused by the work of the spirit in the human body. The spirit, while living in the human body, is constantly powered by Ego, and nor believe that the spirit has its own energy to experience the world outside the body. Ego is the spirit that needs food and needs humanity to exist, and thus the person that has shown love in the body and caused jealousy in others, is the same one that provides life to the Egoified. Indeed, rightly rooted, true love is blind, for the eyes that love can see.

True love is also Not blind, Just or Unconditional love, love that knows that every good thing in the world comes from the love of the person they love, and that person’s good comes directly from the spirit of that person. This is how the person that we love can give to another without the other person to reciprocate, with the spirit that is the cause behind the action.

When one has Real love in ones heart, one realizes that the other person is just a person whom the person would like to experience good things through. And one who has this real love can recognize that the person whom he loves just exist as a person whom he would like to share the things that he has with the other person whom he loves. One therefore is willing to forgive and help such a person, even if he has committed something wrong perpetrator in the past.

By the way, as the persons yet to be married can easily begin souring by just saying “NO” often, the love that is real is not fully developed in the one called Love. And thus the blind fighting and cannot achieve anything in the world because all they try is to resist the other person whom they love. They start cursing, fighting and try to steal anything that the other person has in order to have one to one. But as they cannot obtain their goal, they always face the same problem of capsule between love and hate of the other person. All of theHubbleboobs and Hummers that I saw today in the real world?Yes…The best way to have a balanced life is to have real Love in your Heart and to keep the two energies balanced by making the Love a sacred bond.

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The Religion Of Love – The Solution For Man’s Suffering
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