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The Religion Of Love: Love Fulfills All Laws

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Question: What does The Religion of Love say of the law, the rules and regulations all religious people must abide by to be right with God?Answer: The Religion of Love states that each person must love all people, all things, and all the things that are in this world without judgment, be they human beings or anything else. The world is a lower plane, and we are all lower than the world…no matter if we are rich, poor, or whatever. To become a Spiritual master and to follow The Religion of Love is to follow the commands of God, both the good and the bad, but to be critical of any request or thing that is not in harmony with the laws of the Universe, is to deny our oneness with God.

You may not be able to help everyone, but you can and should continue to be an example in the things you do as well as the words you speak. The world is not perfect and we all need help, we just all got here for a reason and a time to overcome the sins we have committed and learn, as The Religion of Love teaches, to love ourselves and others unconditionally.

Now to answer the questions,1. Is The Religion of Love Compable? – Yes, as every religion ever since the world began has been. No matter what any religious person may tell you, no matter what the person may have said or written, The Religion of Love is completely and utterly 100% correct and in no way partial or anything but completely fair condemnation of all people everywhere, which leaves The Religion of Love up to the standard of the heart as to what is fair – as in, what is easy to the heart, and easy to understand.2. Is The Religion of Love behumultful? – Not in any way, but it is definitely more complex, lengthy and complicated than it is simplistic, Promise keeping and is a science unto itself in its own right and has to be taken seriously.3. Is The Religion of Love a cult? Well no, not really, but some of its goals and ideals, however simple, are anything but easy to understand, are not easy to be applied and therefore cult-like in nature, but that does not matter, it works miracles in people lives and it is a goal worthy of any man or woman that apply its principles and teachings to every aspect of their lives.4. Is The Religion of Love a religion? No it is not, its not religious in nature, its more scientific in its nature, its more spiritual than any religion and its main goals are not harmful to any person, but the results of its very work are life changing either for the better or for the worse, depends on the individual.

So the answer to my question is a slow but sure yes. Of course I know full well that I could never touch your cheek, but would you know the feeling of it if I just spoke a word, a phrase or a sentence to you, would you be able to feel it, know the feeling of it if I inflicitated a pain on your cheek, would you enjoy it, recognise the feeling that I am so passionate about, or would you like it to stop? I am angry because you do not recognise the feelings I am pointing out to you, also I am correct, you do not. You just say, well, this is just your opinion and that is how I feel, or think, or believe. But I am not wrong, I am only pointing out the obvious and also I am being objective, objective at the same time, no, I am being subjective because I am pointing out the particular feelings that you have and I am happy to remind her of them should she so choose.

adamant; I am here to help and I am helping you if you will allow me.Remember this, love your neighbour as thyself, because thy neighbour is thyself.

Feel, to others, that you love yourself.

My grandfather often said; when you marry and are in a relationship with someone, you make that person your own, this I feel he meant, when you help someone, you are helping yourself and he also meant life friends, people who you share the same hobbies, interests, get-togethers and although they are not your soul mate, you are still helping them through your presence.

Also, if you do not take the time to help someone, you are not taking care of yourself and they are not taking care of you.

So to help someone you must, in deed, help yourself, learn their language, be familiar with their issues, buggy and support them whenever you can.

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The Religion Of Love: Love Fulfills All Laws
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