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The Religion Of Love – “Hearing Is The First And Most Important Step Upon The Path”


What does The Religion of Love say the most important thing is in living life?

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Transcending the dualistic mind, ascending above the ego, moving into intuition and unconditional love…this is The Religion of Love. Every religion, every spiritual path, teaches us to ascend, to move beyond the inevitable duality of the world we live in, to a greater (inclined) love and peace. But predictably, as soon as you begin living in the attitude of sadness and love for everyone and everything, the world falls back into pits of differing hate and revenge. As we learn to bring down the excesses of negativity in our life, we become delighted in the light that reveals the more radiant aspects of the truth in our lives.

And that truth is love. That truth is the cosmic, true and unique reality that each and every one of us is. In the language of The Religion of Love, that is what is real – there is no replacement for love as the basis of our universe.

Harmony, as the underlying spirit of the religion of love, cannot be destroyed. That cannot be done. Everything is filled with love. Everything has its place in this universe. Every creature has its place. There is no creature that cannot be climbed to love. The religion of love has no purpose except to know the one and only true God. To know that we are each replaceable and the very essence of our life is filled with love. To move beyond the limits, beyond the restrictions, not only of this physical world, but also beyond the restrictions of the 3D mentality.

In other words, to live without fear, to know that the grand scheme of our life is actually filled with love, to be joyful, peaceful, focused and content, we must also know that the very essence of our life, our very own Spirit, the very essence of our very being is filled with love.

We cannot know this as long as we are trapped in the 3D mentality, dominated by the physical laws. But just because the 2D mentality is dominant does not mean that love cannot permeate every aspect of our being. In fact, it was because of this mentality and the associated limitations that we have been unable to know, to see, to choose the religion of love.


In the religion of love, we know that humanity is created in the image or glory of God. We acknowledge that God is love and that he continues to create each and every day. We claim that love is the basic element of who God is and how God exists. We claim that God is in each and every one of us and that his love flows out to all that are a part of the creation of love and is the very nature of our very existence. His love is the very nature of our life.

Our life is surrounded by love and this love is from God, love from God to ourselves and to all others. We claim this love and are grateful for its continuation to us.

There are lots of ideas, religions, philosophies, judgments, beliefs and ideas that may contradict this basic premise of our life, but to claim that this is an illusion, or a lie of the enemy, is to claim that God (or an imagined God) does not exist.

For us to grow, to continue to claim and affirm the life that we are, to lose the fear for loss and the hurts experienced in life, to lose the demand and expectation of others to respond our way, would mean that we would have to stop listening to the voice of the ego.

Our ego is not “bad” it is only an expectation of the 3D mind, or the interpretation of 3D reality as “good” or necessary. It is a false idea that can be contrary to the true spirit of humanity.

Therefore to regain the faith of humanity, to regain our harmony with the earth, to claim what is legally and morally right, as well as morally and ethically right, we must be willing to relinquish our ego, its voice or its staying power.

This, although it may sound like a giant leap, is not a jump and will come at a great sacrifice of time, of money and of lifestyle.

Imagine if you will, all of your debts, all of your money and material possessions you have, were to be strewn before you as a heap on your altar. In your mind’s eye, it is now your turn to “present your debtors a presented heart”, in the form of a mountain of material possessions, money and bank balance. Be careful what you ask for in this exercise.

But my brothers and sisters, what do we have that we can present to God in this fake, illusioned heart?

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The Religion Of Love – “Hearing Is The First And Most Important Step Upon The Path”
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