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The Religion Of Love – “Goal Of All Religion – Non- Investor Meditation, The”

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What is the goal of all religion?

God. Love. Joy. Peace.

Just a simple goal. The next time you look at the word God, let your awareness fall upon a specific part of God. Let’s look for one part of the name or symbol: ________. ____ indicate Love, Wisdom, and Peace.

Okay, now what does the word or symbol ____ indicate to you? This is an important question. If you could, please write down on a piece of paper the listed parts of the word.

Now at this point you may ask yourself several questions.

Will I have to apply this across my entire life, or is it just for this life? Is there any consistency or is everything always a tiered spread out unto itself? Do I have to reach these goals by December 31, 2009, to have all these goals attained?

There is no consistency. We are consistent about one thing, and that is we love to feel all the good feelings we have, whether it be in the morning or at night, or any other time that we choose.

There is no rule that says that the feelings of joy need to be sustained for an entire year or anything close to that. In fact, I would go into a denial, or maybe even just a temporary, emotional state of joy and continue to focus on that state whenever I had the urge.

While we know that January 1 is a time of rest and reflectiveness, I am not aware of any specific resolutions that are due to accomplish, at least in the weeks immediately ahead.

Some goals or resolutions may be set aside in the beginning of a new year, but they are always left up to the individual to bring into manifestation. Resolutions that are due by February 15 appear to be those that are most difficult to bring into manifestation.

While we remain positive about our personal goals, and remain receptive to best efforts of The Secret, we know that our family, friends, and even our neighbors, when unfolded in full form, have nothing positive about them. In fact, they often contain the very antithesis, or the very opposite, of what is included in the Law of Attraction, such as, out of body experiences.

While we all would like to think that our homes will be cosmically restored after a disaster, or that all our financial problems will be resolved, or that we will find the love of our life, these are not the types of stated goals that are consistent with our manifestation of the Law of Attraction energies.

See, what’s interesting about this is that these types of thoughts and beliefs, coming not from The Secret but from the worldview of the darkness, have a lot more potential to generate further discord and spread more confusion amongst us.

We see that these representatives of Light who present themselves in the world as if they were The Universe, and they actually think they are, stand on the truth that what they present is The Truth. In actuality, they present themselves as tokens of the darkness, representing the opposites, whereas in reality it is The One who is hiding behind their symbols and avatars.

This is perfectly demonstrated in the movie when they brought forth the idea of individually and collectively existing in duality, and revealing that in reality we only see a distorted view of reality.

We tend to think that this is real, and we fall back into the trap of thinking that this distortive[1] influence is somehow “real”, versus viewing it more as a trick of the darkness for our deeper distraction.

When The Law of Attraction, or the Law of Duality, is operating fully without any adherence to truth, what results is a certain distortion of the Truth, which inevitably spreads further, generator of yet unnecessary division, hatred, violence, and ultimately for each to their own ordained fate.

At this point I would like to get back to the message of this note, if I may.

Why all this need for division, hate, and violence based on the color of someone’s skin or who they are associated with, I really cannot explain at this time why, but I will say this, it is indeed “duality” at all levels, thereby causing much of the need for the new paradigm to be born out of fear, which in return causes the work to be driven by fear as well.

Isn’t this THE THE bigger secret? It is fear that is the engine of division, hate, and violence in our world, at all levels, in our society, as well as in our lives on planet Earth itself, if this dynamic is not reversed, and healed right now. Fear is the #1 secret to nothingness.

The Religion Of Love – “Goal Of All Religion – Non- Investor Meditation, The”
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