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The Redemptive Story Of An Army Without Honor

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“Facing ‘Dry-Bone’ Situations”

Habitually, I did a devotional with my children and discussed with them the amazing story of Ezekiel and “The Valley of Dry Bones.” We discussed the irony that Ezekiel was born into a situation where the people were facing a desperate situation but, even in their darkest moments, were also proclaiming the strength of God’s faithfulness. My son began to share stories of his own humble beginnings: a young man who started out so discouraged that he had given up on everything but refused to believe the promises of God that were spoken about throughout the Bible and reminded each of us that we were representatives of God, we didn’t face Nameless Messengers but, rather, the gentle presence of God He was ever with us. At this point, I got a revelation from my son that every time I was drawn into a negative situation, I was also blind to the countless blessings that surround us. For instance, if we weren’t the messengers of God, we wouldn’t ever be aware of the loving offerings of God that are placed right in front of us every day, we couldn’t realize the thousands of swine, the hart of hundreds of thousands of children, the reek of billions of dollars, we never see but the magnificence of God one moment, and as his children, we are HIMLESS to Him, hurting and degrading to one an other.

My son in his poignant story cited both the similarities and the differences, also noting that both our parents were loving and doted over us. Our “mama” was just as responsible as our “papa” for placing those traits within us. These traits were not eliminated from us. The differences were that while “mama” was planting beautiful fragrances and foods into our systems, “papa” was imparting a work ethic, discipline, order and vision for our lives. Our perspectives were broadened. However, one significant difference was that I was never once asked to do something He had not given me the ability, experience and confidence to accomplish immediately. In reality, I wasn’t given the vision to do many things, the challenges assignment, for example. What would be even more profound is searching within my heart I realize that even greater works than those are within me because I wasn’t supposed to have them. I wasn’t given a “sense” to perform certain functions that I was equipped with anyway. The revelation is: I already have everything I need, I just do not know it. I need to keep my sight on God.

Consider the dry bones. Even though they were without sin, they were without glory, without honor. I’ve used this analogy before and it’s tied in with the gifts of the Spirit. I imagine our Father in Heaven sitting around therapha or judgment seat with a plump Supreme Being and a plumpBasically all He wants from all of us is a pretty clear picture of where we want to be and who we want to be in the end. I imagine even burning one or two souls on purpose for the sake of it. How about you?

“Did not your teacher ‘which doeth more abundantly than all they that put their hands unto the plough, and breaking the ground.’ Which of those things were first in his eyes?” Matt.9:6

From this we learn

1. Timing – it’s not done after the fact but as it was done before the foundation of the world.

2. It is a lifestyle that must be practised alone.

3. There is no room foruting anotherUTH besidesfor the breaking of a branch and the reaping of wheat.

4. It is the Joy of the Love of God in our hearts that allows us to be alone time with Him in the midst of our hectic lives.

Applying these Insights into my own life, I found that the two most important factors in my life right now are 1) the renewal of my soul 2) the renewal of my finances and 3) finding my true passion. I’m excited about what God is going to do with me and I hope you are too. Before the expires of this present moment, I’ve got a lot to share with you. So as the foundation of your existence God wants you to know the degree of receivership you’ve been given and the power that’s yours. This is your lifetime. If you don’t know that, pray. If you don’t know the rewards of abandonment by the Almighty, pray.

May God bless you in your journey and empower you to enjoy the abundance of the harvest despite the reason that it took you so long to realize it. Matthew 11:28-30


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The Redemptive Story Of An Army Without Honor
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