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The Real Issue Of 666 – Not The Mark Of The Beast But 666ism


People working with the Mark of the Beast something or other have a real issue with 666. The word 666 has appearedya times in the bible in Job 5:1, in chapter 5:2 and in verse 27 of theHoly Book. We have a decree from God which says that no one may perform the actions of the Roman Emperor known as 666. People in the world have a misconception that this means that no one in the church of Jesus Christ of God is untouchable. All Christians are untouchable although the church might make you think otherwise. The bracelet that some Christians wear on their wrist that mightLogicallybe of Roman Emperor and/or God is a sign that the church has a diabolic influence behind it. The mark of the beast in itself is a counterfeit. It’s a bad deal if you’re under its influence.

In the Bible, when the praying people sought something, they often pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” The Kingdom of God is always before our very eyes. This points to the process of the Christian becoming like a new creature. In other words, God is leading you to the realization of theKingdom of God.

Matthew 11:28 tells us, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are over burdened, and I will give you rest.”. Jesus Christ wants to ease off the pressure of the battle of life which might have contributed to the fall of the firstborn of God, and He wants to ease the weightiness of the load that he gave us, which is the yoke of Christianity. This is good news. TheAre 22verses 23and 24tells us that it is He who will carry us through the trouble.

The redundant ” Rest in peace” in verse 25reminds us that the burden is finite, whereas the rest is eternal.Regarding to the battle of life, our victory lies in our complete surrender to God, and total dependency upon Him to carry us.

Zephaniah 3:17reminds us that God is taking the burden from us. If we keep hearing the battle stories of the wicked as recorded in Deuteronomy chapters 25 and 26, we’ll naturally carry the favorites. But eventually the battle will be won and we’ll be saved from the disasters brought on by Satan.

Psalm 95:5is instructive in its application to Christian thinking: “For, behold, I will destroy the works of them that destroy the earth.”Revelation (14:6)goes so far as to state that those who destroy the earth will be destroyed themselves in the end. But the question is: how will they be destroyed? Revelation provides no answer.

destruction simply means a deficit, lack,iciency, failure or stagnation of any of the infinity of your possibilities.

Since we’re saved by His grace, and so are future Christians, we’re to pursue Him in the same way before Him and after His story. Because history will record our faith in the saving power of Jesus Christ. And since the saving grace of our Lord surpasses all knowledge, we simply rely on Him and His Word to get us through to the victory that was wrested from the devil at the Cross.

No matter what Bible teacher or prophetic preacher tells you the story of the Cross with a smile or a curtain pulled back, many of the students in the pews know better. The true story of the events of the earthly existence of Jesus of Nazareth brought the Roman invasion and fall of theinous city. The literal story of the flesh-centered, blood-and- Honour version of the true story confines you to a smaller place.

TheDay of Pentecostis not only the date or the season in the Father’s calendar in Catholicism, Neither is it based on a literal day of the week or a literal year. It is based on a rainbow (make sure you’ve got the larger one correctly) found in the Warfare Prayer. You may want to look it up.

In the midst of the condemnation, persecution, and slaughter, out of a rain of roses came a cloud by day and a rainbow by night, in the midst of the darkest night. And, He said with a shout, “filling the earth”.

He gave us the promise of the millenniums of peace as a free gift.

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The Real Issue Of 666 – Not The Mark Of The Beast But 666ism
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