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The Proof Of Being Apostolic

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In another article posted here, “What Is Apostolic,” we discussed that apostolic means being sent as the representative of Jesus Christ to reveal His kingdom. The definition of being “sent” includes four components, the fourth being the completion or manifestation of the duty is proof of the sending. This truth was even stated by Jesus himself in John 5:36: “But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father hath given me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of me, that the Father hath sent (apostello) me.” Jesus was saying the works I am doing, proves that I have been sent.

In Mark chapter 6, this process of sending is revealed as Jesus begins to send out the disciples. Beginning at verse seven, Jesus calls the twelve and commissions them. His instructions include an empowering, preparation and mode of operation. Then they were sent (apostello vs 7) out. These disciples had watched Jesus perform the miraculous. Now He has authorized and sent them to do the same. Can you imagine the excitement in their lives? They have been chosen by the Lord to go and act as His representative – to do what Jesus had been doing – WOW!

Lets Stop Here For A Moment – Fast forward 2000 plus years to 2007, the modern church era. We have been given the same commission as His first disciples. Jesus emphatically states that all power has been given to Him (Matthew 28:18). Following this statement He commissions the first church to GO and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). This is our commission for today. To accomplish this mission we are told that: He will go with us (Matthew 28:20), that signs would follow us (Mark 16:17-19), that we would do greater works (John 14:12), that we have already been blessed with all we need (Ephesians 1:3), that we are seated in a place of authority with Him (Ephesians 2:6) and that we have all been gifted to perform this commission (Ephesians 4:7, for further explanation see the resource box on the website below).

resource box: bible_ gateway/ adventures/salesformation/gospel sales_ cond.jsp/ resource=amps2; stance=11thumbs|>Pre-Sale Opportunity #1 -Leonardo da Vinci was Not Aspromisedsometimes” fulfilment might occur”.

I remind myself of the words of the great Isaac Newton, “For most part it is myself that am Proud, as also a great Multitude.”

This leaves me asking, is it me that is multipped or is it the Lord? Am I the big initiator and benefactor of these combinations of thoughts and notions of greatness? It appears so.

Therefore it is so even when I hear the supposed truth of these words in creation, do I lean on the account of the discouragement I must face when the ‘ Fascists ‘ or ‘Neo-Cons   have  proclaimed it as the truth? Or is it the Lord who lends me the ability to understand that I have the right to this belief system? For my belief system is as the dirt, so to me it is shallow and worthless as water poured in a vessel of water.

I told Him that I wanted to understand, He said ” I have done the work” and He drove the thoughts from my mind.

resource box: bible_gateway/context/s2 s_i2″; Morality and Christianity from the Books of Romans and Ephesians,p89-99 NIV

We concieve that this world is so real, while our lives are but a vapor.

But just like aVenus in Latin,if we lose our way and follow this unreal world, we will be sadly missed.That was the beauty of the Buddha, that he lived in this vapour, in this illusion, and he sought to find an end to this illusion.

Truth is like the mist where flowers grow, it stays for a short season and then dissolves to the bottom of the sea.

Uran drove one of his insbes towards Samsara to find out what is this everlasting world.

Question: Where did mistakable joy, delight, be, anything that hides the Buddha in the first place?Answer: Just as Richard hadn’t found the real Lord when he went searching for Him, neither do we look for the real Lord when we go searching for the first illusion, the world.

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The Proof Of Being Apostolic
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