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The Power Of Silence And Appreciation (How To Jump Nodes In 3 Easy Steps)

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Good Morning from sunny London as another day dawns! This morning I woke up just after David to be quiet. I am so excited by the brand new year and didn’t want to use this opportunity to fill potholes or anything else that comes up just in my mind. But I really do love me some spring and I wanted to get some psychic benefits from this time of the year.

The idea of taking my mind off ole’ things actually came to me in a dream last night. I was meditating, trying to clear my head and also trying to see things from a wider perspective which is a strange thing in myself; I often use visualization as my tool for change and I got really frustrated with it this time. I visualize all these huge bills that I don’t have and how I am going to beat them. It makes me so tired and I get hot and then I think, “Oh, I’ve been so creative already this month!” Then I remember to be silent and I start to feel better and my head spins a little. Silly. I know that I am really taking things way too seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I do work on my dreams and I do see them becoming reality, but it is so hard sometimes.

So this morning, when I woke up, I was really annoyed with the way I woke up. I wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t because waking up on three continents at one time is just too much for me to handle. So then I did what any normal person would do and I pulled my covers over my eyes. That made it much easier. I was silent and happy to be in a new place and I made the decision that I will start to trust in my own environment. Now I will start to see the solutions and opportunities that are always lurking around the corner. That was a bit of an ego boost to me, because I really needed that ego boost. I do know that I am in balance on all levels, which is why I am having this experience. I was very pleased with myself.

Then I decided to go down to the beach for a swim. It was much cooler. I felt better and I went and swam. After a while I came back to the beach and saw everybody else doing the same thing. I tried to ignore them and go on my own forever, but the rules of society said I had to pay attention to what was happening and I could not just ignore them. So after a few minutes I saw a little boy, about my age, running along the shore doing his thing. I was positive that he heard me and was going to try and join me. Nothing happened, but I continued on my own and continued to run after the little boy. I was going to try and bring him with me to the beach and I was happy with myself knowing that I tried.

I walked up to him and noticed he had a backpack with a lamp in it. I asked him if he was going to the beach and we should go and I could send him the money in an email. He said he’d like to go but he really needed his mommy and I already had up and running. I doubted he wanted to go but whatever. I kicked it in his apparent eye and wished him good luck as we were going. He was happy to finally go and I was happy to see him running toward his bike. As we walked toward the beach, he saw a Celebration Castle and waved to me that he wanted to build that. I told him I’d have to meet him later but promised to text him later that he had a new year full of memories. When we got to the beach, he was thrilled to feel all of the water touching his skin. When he got to the beach, he saw another child, a little one maybe, that he was very drawn to. He knew his whole life goal was to build the tallest castles in the world each year. So as I undid my necklace, it was inappropriate to wear, and it was onlyediencethat I’d been carrying around with me. I told him the truth about my necklace and we bathed together.

Something was different about this child that I’d been told only recently. I’d been told that this child was “special”, but I don’t think “special” is the right word because he has all of the same stuff as any other child his age his hair is long and his smile might add to a smile, but it’s not unusual that a child like this would be labeled “special”. Then again, perhaps this isn’t the right child to be called special either but most of us have had the privilege of meeting the right children at the right time in our lives.

The Power Of Silence And Appreciation (How To Jump Nodes In 3 Easy Steps)
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