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The Power Of Reality

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Dear Loved Ones,

Welcome to Spirituality Inside and Out and the Daily Universal Insights.

We welcome the whole world into this community of Love, Gratitude and Oneness.

I love you. I love you. I love you. FOR WE ARE ALL ONE.

The Power of Reality

The Power of Reality is in your own consciousness. Your own belief system and perception is what brings forth and affirms such Power within you. There have been times when my own mind state has gotten in the way of my conscious Being and I have lacked Power within myself.

Today I am very excited about the Power of Reality as all of us. The Power of Reality simply allows any one to see directly into the eyes of another. Why is it that one may say or believe that one may not have the Power to do this as well as others? One has the right to be insane and to act insane. There is no right or wrong way to Power within.

How can we align ourselves with the Power of Reality? One way is by quieting ourselves down and by quieting our hearts. Being present with ourselves and observing our inactions with our own deeds.

Can we actually attune ourselves to the Power of Reality? And what would happen if we actually did so? Can we actually become One with the Power of Reality?

How can we use the Power of Reality in our own lives?We may say or think that we areexperiencingthis or that. And I say to you that this and that is exactly the truth. Andactiononthatis what is creating the Power within.

How can we create the Power within in our own lives? We can start by recognizing our liedidences and refraining from actions that are going to create more contradictions. We can become aware of our habitual ways of doing so until we are conscious of just how unconscious we are of our actions and how it is creatingarcity and lack in our lives.

The Power of Reality is in our Own Consciousness.

Can we really want to know the truth? And what is the truth? The truth is up to each individual to decide upon and create their own truth that is both beneficial and healing to all concerned.

If one is experiencing lack in their lives then one needs to ask questions and make necessary adjustments in their beliefs.

If one is experiencing Prosperity and Success then one needs to ask questions of self regarding how they can become even more in tuned to the omnipresence of the Universe.

What is truly important is to become aware of one’s inner strength and create the Spiritual Life that is their choice as opposed to the way society, external circumstances and their conditioned minds seem to want them to believe and so force changes to slow down the process of their creations. Sometimes it is merely a matter of taking a step in the right direction rather than a long journey.

Spiritual Living is getting in tune with what is truly important in life, focusing on the here and now, watching each action and reaction as it occurs rather than letting the mind run wild, experiencing the present moment as it is and observing the myths and beliefs that are coming forth with each event.

Watching each thought and belief as it arises is the first step. This is the Spiritual Enlightenment.

Focusing on the Here and Now, breathing into the present moment, directing thoughts of how we can make a better life for ourselves and others, words that carry meaning, thinking the proper thoughts concerning others, learning how to be patient, learning how to forgive and to be in control of our emotions.

Each action we take is either creating shadows or bringing clarity.

What is your action that you are focusing on? Can you turn your attention to it and create clarity, or are you letting life whiz by?

It is time to cease concentrating on ever-changing external circumstances, ideals and goals, and now it is time to concentrate on the shadows within.

Let go of all the chickens and the eggs, the past and what is imperfect, and concentrate on this ethereal essence, thisyingeckhart.Can you feel that?

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The Power Of Reality
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