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The Power Of Prayer For Animals

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Prayer is a vital tool for bringing our thoughts, prayers and feelings to bear on the situations and circumstances in our lives and that spiritual power can be expressed in a number of ways. For example, you can pray for your artistic talent to grow and be expressed in the world more widely. You can pray that your neighbor on the other side of the world will have enough food and drink to survive; or that your nemesis will overlook your claim of responsibility for his wounds and that you will be able to see him as he is and him as he was. And you can pray literally, by closing your eyes and continuing to think about that statement as if it were true, “I will give that man his limbs back and his smile back.”

You can pray for your spiritual growth; for power in the spiritual structure that you are part of, that your own soul exists within, and that the Presence of God is with you wherever that you go. The person with the deepest emotional core actually experiences it without opening his mind to conscious thoughts. Prayer to me is about keeping your emotional core clean so that your mind can dominate your psychological structure. In an example, you can say something like, “God, please take me to the leading edge of mental health and make me strong enough to take care of this whole planet, reach out to the suffering people and do whatever I can to help them.”

Prayer of this nature will meet with some resistance, because of our own pride and ego. theatre criticism is alive and well and is extremely common, so for most of us a call to prayer for mental health must be moderated a bit. There are many of us out there working through the mental illnesses. This can be a tough call, because even though we may agree that theatre criticism needs to be faced and worked through, we are tempted to bypass that work through. The mystic ispreached toallthe time; by mystics you know. Much of the time an unconscious resistance in the mind is creating fertile ground for fear-based attacks to take root. These could include anger, an immediate psychic response that the mystic is not doing their work, or an intellectual ambush to steals the thunder of a powerful leader. Prayer is the antidote to fear, pride, and ego.

You can pray on bended knee, whilst reading a Sanctified Book, but you can’t quite get into the heart of it. To me, prayer is an open connection to the supernatural. It is hoping for, luxuriate in, and anticipate immediate answers. It is communicating to Spirit, in the present, with a body language, tone of your voice, and intention. It is a way to keep your mind busy with something that is beyond the grasp of the physical.

My best advice on prayer is to always speak sacred words from your heart, and expect that the Holy Spirit will honor them. It is when words are spoken that deep things are conceived, and when deep things are conceived there is a divine translation. “What is conceived in your heart, though your mind might not be aware of it, is your gift to the Lord.”2Kings 6:12 NLT. Get it to the point where you literally feel the Spirit sending you words of wisdom, when you think them. These are not words that come out of your mouth; they are the answer to prayer.

In the present, both the voice of the intellect and the voice of the ego can be heard in your heart. The conscious head hears the words being spoken and then gives them back to the Holy Spirit, trusting the intuition that it is His voice. The Holy Spirit hears the words and approves or censoring certain words, according to the heart of the person.

thumbs up prayer, where you express your agreement with the words being spoken. When you express that you agree, your heart becomes energized. You will believe the positive outcome to what you are praying for. The ego, on the other hand, will believe the negative outcome, and this puts up a barrier to your receiving anything good.

lip service, or Schneider effect (a way of thinking that gets a negative result) prayer is the negative voice of the intellect. recognize that the intellect is sending the words, but you are giving your consent to use the words. When your words are expressed with your undivided attention, there is no separation between your words and the Holy Spirit coming into your head to work out the words. When you speak negatively, your spirit, or Christ Spirit is divided. This causes all kinds of problems, and only seventy percent of the words come in the way of the will of God. That seventy percent is what God wants you to know. seventy percent of the words spoken in the name of the Christ are words of sickness and of witchcraft. In other words, the devil.

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