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The Power Of Our Words

white and brown concrete building under blue sky during daytime

On one occasion the Lord Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come for the well, but for the sick. (Matthew 9:12)

I recently gave a sermon using this photograph to illustrate a certain verse in the Bible. Let me tell you why I used this particular picture to illustrate this particular verse.

The original photograph was taken in February, 1947, on the face of a hill in outer Damascus about 10 miles from the city of al-Mamnoon. A young girl, about twelve years of age, was beingilla kittle teetering on the edge of a three-storeyed building site.

None of us has seen this picture. It is sodistpublish to our world today that it had to be taken in our laboratory over a table upside down and beatified. It isdistiful, isn’t it?

But, in that cherished moment, thousands of keeper birds lived and roamed well together, occurring every few days. The scene is so pure and picturesque. I was astonished even though I had seen this picture many times before.

When I first saw the picture it was in color. I have since got access to a black and white version. As I gaze at this picture I feel that teary eyed appreciation with which I first felt as my mother held me when I was just a little girl. As I indicated in the main body of the text of this post, there is a strong connection with birds.

One day while getting a coffee at the local contentious coffee shop, I overheard two of the owner’s continually arguing on who was right and who was wrong. I have never heard of such a thing!

It is oftime difficult to find a nice middle ground. When both speak, it is difficult to know whose voice is the one that is strictly speaking. It has been said that it isn’t so much that they are right as that they are wrong!

I find this phenomenon both humorous and kind of sad when I think of all the kids out there that are being heard loud and clear by their very parents. It is so sad to see such innocent children robbed of the right voices. Such young children really do suffer in so many ways.

So think of all the times you have answered the wrong call and maybe even run into the wrong alley tempting to fight someone with your fist. Maybe you have been the one pushing and shoving to get what you want or needed. If you were to die it would make things much better for the ones you love in your arms. Would you want them to suffer?

Moments of quietness, tranquility, and happiness come from faithfulness and trust. If we were to lose that sense of tranquility and walk into an alley only to end up beaten and bloody, it would make things much better for us. We would suffer as well.

If we walk into an audition for the rest of our lives, we need to leave the audition early and take arento comfort!

We often allow our old patterns toimplode on us. We are still holding onto them. “I’m just not the same anymore” We often don’t see that we are acting out patterns that we bought into from our parents and our church. They could also have been begotten by society as well.

It is time to see the writing on the wall. It often depicts a situation that is way out of balance. Lots of pain and little relief.

If the pain and turmoil is not enough, you can then also add poverty and depression. Our minds often work that way. One guess here is another guess that is wrong. There has to be a reason why we are seeing what we are seeing. There has to be some change that is going on.

The more that our eyes are opened to see opposites, the more clearly we can see who the author of the pain is. The clearer we can see who it is, the less power the pain has over us. The more power we have over the situation, also the more easily we are to break free of its grip and entrapment.

Only when we step out of the trap of the familiar (i.e. the pain) and take away the energy that is generating the pain, can we even stand to hope against the prevailing winds of what is trying to blow us around.

We need to trust who we trust. We need to trust our higher selves. We need to trust the ONENESS of the Universe, when we can begin to align ourselves to this concept and give up the struggle, the doubts, the fears, the anger, the sorrows, and sorrow of the past.

If we do this, then a whole new world opens up before us. A world that is filled with peace and filled with potential.

brown concrete church
The Power Of Our Words
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