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The Power Of Opulence – Cultivate Your Spiritual Affection

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What is one of the most rewarding gifts that can be given to someone you care? Spiritual gifts are given to us all, but a spiritual gift is also given to the world on a basis of spiritual growth. Cultivating our spiritual gifts is all about enriching our individual lives on an emotional and spiritual level. The Power of Opulence with animals is to help them, to teach them, to love them.

Affection is a way that the human race has developed to connect to other people. The Baby Gooses song, “Everything is rubsy, yeah”, demonstrates this. There is a certainery in the way that people relate to each other. It is not a function of where you live or where you are from or what generation you are from, but it is a relational basis.

In other words, people leave, move, and come into the world on an emotional and a spiritual level. People leave, move, and come into the world because that is where they need to be and they feel that is where they should be spiritually and emotionally. People leave, move, and come into the world, because that is where they feel they need to be emotionally and spiritually.

In many cases, it is an emotional need that drives people to be where they are. The people who are in need of compassion, who are suffering, can sometimes be driven away from that need by the actions of those who are in power. Sometimes the people in pain, are capable of channeling the pain to the people who have the power to satisfy that need. Those who have the power, have the responsibility to use that power to bring about change where those who are in need cannot.

For example in the world of politics, the leaders are perceived as the ones who can bring about the change that others can’t. Alternatively, the people perceive the politicians as the ones who may not be up to the task of bringing about the change that is needed. While there may be a need for change in the world, the people cannot embrace that change unless the politicians are in command.

In the world of religion, the leaders are perceived to be the ones who can bring about the change that others cannot. Similarly, the people perceive the religious leaders as the ones who may not be able to be trusted. The religious leaders are in a sense, the least qualified to bring about any kind of change in the world.

When it comes to the world of business, the boss is perceived to be the one who is in control and the one who is able to help bring about the kind of change that is desired by the company or industry.

By knowing your Spiritual gifts and abilities, you can be better able to serve yourself and others in the world in a more productive and altruistic way. In turn, this will impact the world in a more positive way.

Some valuable tips to remember when looking to develop your Spiritual gifts are:

· Work with thevity of your words.

Your words have power. A little wisdom goes a long way.

· Think about who you want to impact.

Your focus can narrow but the scope of where you want to go can expand.

· View your vision within the spiritual realm rather than the material.

It is easy to get off track when trying to develop your Spiritual gifts. Things can get very confusing. This is why it’s important to seek out someone that can help you if you get off track.

Logotherapy is a form of therapy in which the goal is to help people view their life experiences in a new, more positive manner. The ultimate goal is to achieve an awareness and appreciation of the unique value that each person possesses. This is called Self-awareness.

Self-awareness is used by psychologists and counselors and can be applied in daily living. The basic premise of Self-awareness is that we really are different than the things that make up our physical and material lives. We see that each person has an innately special function and purpose that is unique to them alone. We experience a sense of appreciation for all of the different aspects of our lives, rather than just focusing on what appears to be wrong or missing or broken.

Through the use of creative visualization, we can change our old habits and rejection of nonconforming with the norm, into more accepting and non-judgmental ways. The Psychologist’s office is full of forms,checks and complaints, just as the rest of our lives, yet few of us ever see or implement the core of the process, thus avoiding the many blessings offered to us by our ever present Psychologist or otherwise.

Sure, I can be fool enough to get on the Internet or email for a few minutes, but is this the same as taking the time to be mindful of the thoughts I am having every moment of my day?

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The Power Of Opulence – Cultivate Your Spiritual Affection
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