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The Power Of Now – Going Beyond Identity Part 4 – Work


To carry on with the subject of ‘work’ for another day I want to quote one of Michael Spence’s Seven Principles.

I am sure that by now Michael would have referred to this as ‘spinning the disdain of work’ but the author of this book it’s more appropriate to call it ‘work ethics’. A must read for anyone working with material.

From the front of the book it says, “What is this work (Please spell it with a #)hinge to help make it more effective in improving world conditions.”

And, “With this awareness there can be no use for violence, revenge, or other kinds of reply in the world of work.”

OK, so he’s denying the obvious fact that ‘work’ is mans basic purpose, right? You could already ‘do’ work less expensively by not applying Spence’s seven principles, right? Well, just let me ask you…

What do you think is the MOST important core principle in Spence’s work?

He REALLY believes that it is organization, attention and discipline over all else as far as he’s concerned so it would stand to reason that it would be THE most important — what?

Saying that Spence’s Seven Principles are really only hen house tweeks to get the desired results is false. Let me explain.

Just Higher Balance

Much more to Less, Nothing More

Let’s try to walk the path of least resistance for a moment. If I were to use Michael Spence’s Wisdom in the next few days I would be fired up, motivated, excited and ready to ‘be what I’m here to be’.

I could happily do that.

In the same way, if I were to adapt one of J.I. Packer’s more Spiritual Lessons, I’d be spinning my wheels at the deepest of levels until my purpose was to ‘be’ all that I could ever be.

I could happily walk this path to inner peace.

If I could prove that Spiritual Principles resonate with me in some way, somehow I could use some of the many meditation techniques to learn more about what I sounded like in the easiest way possible.

I could happily do this.

One Deep Brown Conversation

Here is where a new path opens up to me.

It is an invitation to higher consciousness.

I thought that Michael Spence was speaking to my mind as he so beautifully put it, but was it really? Spence seems to think it is MY mind that is hearing the ‘voices’ of Spirit as he calls them. In my mind, I hear the intellectual voice of what I think I should be doing all the time.

For example:

realize that no one is coming to take your life. You are an evolving soul that to acknowledges our bounty of the Universe

Stop vs.Starting

Vs. Omission

Become vs. Embracing the Brains

My mind often seems to want to get in the way of experiencing what I’m here for. I seem to want to get one thing or another done, or to keep doing what I’ve been doing.

Instead I ask myself

“What ourown do I need to be doing?”

“What does ourown mean?”

Asking Questions

Much of what Michael Spence speaks about is in the direction of asking questions. I see that he is known as the ‘ask and answer’ guy and I find it interesting that he addresses the body as the secret place of the origin of our thinking.

Ask and you shall receive.

Not ‘make believe’ believing, but truly seeing and experiencing it for yourself.

Try this little exercise

Sit down take a few deep breaths. Next to you place a ‘choice’ bit of paper with two columns. The first is all about what you would like to talk to the Universe about – your impressions, your desires, your ideas, your intentions and so on. The other column is all about listening for the answers and the information you are seeking. You might like to write this question down and set it on a table near you.

Now, when you are ready ask your question

Now you listen!

You may well get this question right on your first attempt but it really is o be patient and prove that the Universe can hear you.Spend however the time as you like, being patient. Being patient is the standing still of mind that allows you to connect to the Source of manifestation in order that you may receive your answers.

You may not like the answers you are getting – with much gratitude though if for now you see the opportunity for growth and personal development.

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The Power Of Now – Going Beyond Identity Part 4 – Work
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