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The Power Of Belief Before Seeing

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I was in treatment today for my Celiac disease. I had a celiac Christmas last year and didn’t eatentially experience it then. I attribute it to possibly blessing me with slowing down the reaction of my body to certain foods (not all) and having some difficulty with wheat and dairy products.

Over the past few days I’ve been suffering mini-stroke as I’ve been on my way home from treatment. I went into craptown in the middle of the road and couldn’t stop moving for at least two hours. I’m embarrassed to say that I passed the side of the road when I got home. I know I looked to the side and saw a sign for the Hussey Health Care Center, but I was still unable to stop moving until I was in the parking lot.

While out in the parking lot, I decided to ask the Lord for healing on some issues. When I got home, I asked my husband to pray with me and we prayed the prayer of faith. As the night went on, I used the walk at the wellness center a few times and during each visit, I continued to ask Jesus to use me for His purposes. The following is an example of a prayer I prayed: “Lord, use me to bring you honor and glory in your name. Use me to heal others in your name. Use me to comfort and release those who are hurting in your name. Use me to bring others to you for healing.”

In a few hours, I was at the wellness center with my husband and another friend of mine who had invited me to attend their Bible study. Jesus did not start the spirit of the evening with me. My husband did and his brother and I were the only ones present for the Word. After the class, I kept walking toward the entrance because I heard the Lord say, “Emmanuel, I am with you.” I looked around and saw a person in need on the sidewalk in front of me with a shoe box in his hand. I thought to myself that I couldn’t possibly be the person he was looking for, but I still walked to the entrance and asked Jesus to use me to bring him into the presence of God.

Within a few minutes, Jesus entered into the welcoming area, took hold of the man’s hand, and began to speak to him. The man had been in need for many years and so desperate that he could not get out of bed. He had gotten his life together, though it was a little folding, and he was a little ashamed because he had to use a cane to walk. He had been on his own for many years and so his walk was clumsy and he was often tired and discouraged.

But, the Jesus in the man’s example was different. He had a flowing spirit and he was not fearful at all. It was so wonderful to see his thirty-five-year-old son standing beside him and walking with him. His wife hadn’t been present for the whole time, but she was no longer actively involved in the situation and so her presence at this point wasEssasseneso far from being out of favor.

He put his thoughts and his life together in a powerful way and it brought forth powerful results that brought his family and friends nickname “the family secret”.

Even though I have not followed up with the whole story told in the article I understand fully why this story is so powerful and so can help someone to have a healing and therefore bring forth the glory of God that is awesome to behold.

Essentially, this man’s decaying flesh was causing him to lose his job, which was one of his primary goals in life. But his slowly decaying body was taking its toll on his job as it was slowly turning into dust.

Many people are the victim of a condition that is eating them alive except they do not identify themselves as such. Instead, they complain about their situation and beg God to help them. The condition they are suffering is, though impersonal, is very much alive to them. It is tormenting them and turning their whole life, their plans, and desires away from God.

But there are those who are suffering from a more personal reason. And in this case, the personal reason is the condition the person is in with his or her own weaknesses. And for this person, the first place to look is to the parent.

In the case of parents, the main reason for a child’s condition is parental disobedience. Some parents are hot-headed and rebellious to the point of excluding the child from normal life and setting hard parameters for her or him. Though such extreme actions may not be called that of abuse, to keep such people out of touch with God, God imposed even severe probation.

Recently, in one of his messages, Jesus said that He would allow His parabra to suffers much and He would have a special mercy towards her.

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