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The Place Of Reincarnation In A Healthy Life – An Esoteric Streamlining

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Unfortunately, the cultures in which we exist don’t necessarily have a great track record when it comes to honoring the first of the six longevity principles. That’s why this subject is so esoteric and hard to get a handle on. We do know that the concept of reincarnation is the heart of the karmic law of man, and that is why we don’t deny its existence and neither should you.

But, karmic law by its very nature is rather impersonal, reactive and reactive. For example, one person suffers in a way because of another person’s actions, and then the first person has to pay the price. The same holds true for karma, cause and effect. It’s in this realm that woe is again made manifest for the one that Bottomses and Wickhams. When one feels the effects of another’s actions, he has to deal with the situation and the result, also, from Wickhams’ point of view. The problem here is that we’ll never learn or acquire the comprehensive understanding of the law until the karmic cycle is brought to a conclusion.

Does this give you yet another reason to celebrate? entangled though karma may be, it is still only the tip of the iceberg. Karma is the universal dynamic occurring in all our lives, and though it hangs on our lips, it really doesn’t affect us until the fruit develops. The process of nature is about as perfect as it gets. The breath of the earth, the wind, the rain, the sunshine and the plants, to us, are all balance. We may not be aware of the hundreds of ways that things contribute to balance in nature. The wordharmasisin Greek means, “to bring about or bring into harmony a state of being,” and it’s a good thing too. To bring about the harmonies of nature, therefore, we harmonize the components, the galaxies, the planets and the stars, we harmonies because harmony allows life to exist.

We also, as humans, may not be aware that we contribute to the harmonies of life. A wave is just a wave and it may or it may not cause a whirlpool. We cannot control the wind, but we can control the way we Behavior when the wave hits. We rod our own behaviors to perfection and teach others to do the same. We teach them to touch the tow line, relax, have forgiveness, be positive, and so on to Zion. The more we control our behavior and the language we use to describe it, the more we enhance the universal harmony, which thrives beneath the surface.

A tragedy is a tragedy whether it results from a murder, a earthquake or a flood. resulted from fear. Fear is harmless when confronted with facts and can be a valuable teacher when we learn the truth about reincarnation. We can use fear to help us make the Universal connection and achieve our goals. Fears can also consume us and torment us when we don’t conform to the life path we have mapped out for ourselves. But if we are willing to observe our strongest teachers and listen to our own inner voices, we can use knowledge as a weapon to defend ourselves against future fears.

On the other hand, technology is the ultimate distracter. the faster the technology advances, the farther apart we expand from our natural way of being. The pace of the world’s technology is way out of sync with our brains as we struggle to give birth to it and process it. Emotion and logic That which is born of the human experience and harnesses it into our reality, Such activity is almost exclusively destined for the realms of spirit. The universe is filled with countless realities that exist simultaneously in an infinite number of places. The realm of spirit is defined here as the physical and non-physical realms. We are spirit by nature and there are four realms in spirit. There is the material, we know as earth, we touch, the emotional and the intellectual. The non-physical realms include the solar system, the galaxy, black holes and the universe.

We define The Material as experiences that are tangible or can be measured like information. The tangible experiences are those we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. The intangible experiences are not measured and may seem to exist outside our reality. Examples of tangible experiences are anger, pain, happiness. The nature and characteristics of tangible experiences are manifested and recorded by our inner selves in the way that we know them here on earth, then return to our true selves in a reincarnation cycle. As a result, positive intentions are manifested for a predetermined set of earthly circumstances. This is how reincarnation is programmed into the physical system. It must be, since it is the fairest way for the body/mind to go through personalities and scenarios to learn from.

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The Place Of Reincarnation In A Healthy Life – An Esoteric Streamlining
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