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The Parallels Between Ancient Eastern Philosophy And New Age Philosophy

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In 1000 years, the Eastern philosophy has become the New Age. But while there are no absolute truths in New Age Philosophy and the study of Eastern Philosophy is a subjective discipline, there are some core values that are a platform of truth for the New Age.

The core values are the same as in ancient Eastern Philosophy where one may find a detailed explanation by checking it against the scriptures of both East and West. I will be explaining some of those core values in this article.

The Seven Principles

All life in this universe is based on energy.

The Law of Resonant Frequencies, or Grace, is the basic law of energy and is the basic law of creation. Creation of anything requires the energy to sustain life.

All energy everywhere in the universe is connected to each other and all energy was created by the one.

Consciousness is an illusion of the mind. Consciousness always depends on the medium to Which it is transported. Meditation is the vehicle for the consciousness to be able to transport itself to the state where it is able to create consciously.

Consciousness has an ultimate goal of existence and is the very essence of our being.

The energy called ‘Spiritual Energy’ is the self-effulgence of the purest reality of existence. Spiritual Energy is the purest state of existence and is ever new bliss.

Any action in the real world is temporary and is useful in doing certain tasks. Action in the world is forever sweeping from side to side and from moment to moment without any permanent result. But in the Eternal One Eternal Reality, all action in the world has a lasting effect and benefit.

In the absence of action, the moment loses all influence over the mind, and the mind loses all influence over the body. Body and mind become transformed into a single unit. A unit cannot be separately doing any action. Doing in the world is to construct a unit that is doing simply for the purpose of doing. The Holy Scriptural example is the cell in the body. The cell has a role to play in the health of the body but is never supposed to be the whole unit. The whole needs to be maintained by the activity of the individual cell in the body.

Natural laws and the spiritual laws of God exist in the universe. They cannot be questioned or dismissed as superstitions and myths. The laws remain as a sure foundation on which the structure of life stands.

Living in the world is to understand the feelings of despair and helplessness. The state of helplessness is caused by loss of the connection with the timeless peace within. The ever present disconnection with timeless peace within causes the feeling of unrest.

Only a connection with inner peace established around a power greater than ourselves can guarantee our everlasting happiness.

The Gap Between Realities

There is a vast distance from the awareness of our eternal selves to our narrow personal realities. The reason for this non- bridging is that

While we may claim to know all there is to know about life, about the universe, about anything, we do not know ourselves in the depth of our essential divine selves.

Because of this non-knowing, the present moment has become the goal of our importance. The past and future tarry far too long in our minds.

We are split, occupied with the TL of things, rather than TLouring out the presence of God, living our lives in harmony with the divine order of the universe, and being TLourished in the present.

Enlightened lords of mind would seek an inner harmony of body, mind, and spirit, in order to achieve enlightenment.

Such a state of harmony could only come from the divine body, mind, and soul realities. Enlightenment which is the process of realizing the mind, body, and soul’s divine connection, could only come through the death of our deterministic ego, by a process which results in the humility which is the essence and life of our true ‘I am’…

Ego Death

Where ego is concerned, there is no past, no future, no universe, and no God. Thus, ego ceases to be our true self and we lose the basis of our being.

When we are egoless, which means that we are no longer disposed to caring for anything which isn’t dependent on the central mind, or the mind centerdeep within the belly, we know ourselves in the present moment, not for what was or might be.

Only in this moment, which is the only moment that counts, is there life. Life without ego has no meaning and therefore no death can occur.

Ego replacement is the process of replacing the ego’s contents with divine content of our own choice. Transcendental experiences arise within a spiritual consciousness as experiences of being content within our own wholesome selves.

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The Parallels Between Ancient Eastern Philosophy And New Age Philosophy
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