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The Pagerank And The Press

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Inevitably, in the course of the day, someone finishes work early, goes to church, calls their kids, visits family members, looks for tickets to a game or sporting event, prays before they sleep, and does all the other things that middle-aged people do. They do these things and more, but what none of us dootted about was the fact that many of them also spend a lot of time thinking about work, money, and the future.

A number of years ago, I adopted the habit of putting all those thoughts into one pot and all those thoughts made sense to me, in part because my career was temporarily on hold – I was briefly scratching my head at a strange and perplexing universe and a spiritual existence of work that was briefly part of my life. In part because I was willing to temporarily disown myself of any desire to think about such things, in part because I was willing to not agree with a system that I saw as dogmatic and lacking a true spirituality, I continued to stumble through life unaltered by such concerns.

If my life had been like that for a few years, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading this article. If it had been dogmatic and stagnant, I wouldn’t be sharing that part of my life with you. I wouldn’t have agreed to go through such a radical alteration of my life.

What prevents us from doing these things is the existence of ego in our lives.

Ego is a gatekeeper that lies between us and a world that exists outside of our experience. It tells us to BS the universe and everything in it. It rejects the world outside of us – which is a whole lot more intense and can be traumatic – and Instead presents us with thoughts and ideas that are safe and comfortable and that we are happy with (in comfort).

The egoic mind lies and presents a false picture of what the totality of all the thoughts and beliefs of a person actually creates. Ego presents a small set of views that may be perceived as the truth, but that would not be the truth in the totality of a person’s beliefs. Sometimes a person may believe in the egoic view of truth, and other times truth – even the truth – will be distorted by the egoic mind because of lie.

This is why we need to know the difference between truth and the egoic mind. Let’s take a look at some basic truths. Truth is a system – a truth system -that is completely reliable. When we act in a way that is true to the truth system of a person, we act in a way that is consistent with the feelings of that person.

When a person does disobeys the truth, the more attention he or she draws to that action, the more attention and power that person will draw from other sources that support his or her truth. This includes providing more success in that area of his or her life.

It is the truth about a person – at any given moment – that is reliable over time. It is always true and always accurate because a person can always change the information. The truth of a person – at any given moment – will never fail to be true even when the person does not want to believe the truth.

When someone does not choose to listen to the truth of another person, the person has chosen to argue with that person instead. This is like anainer pushing the mail carrier. It is an assertion that the mail carrier is wrong. The carrier has every right to defend his position in writing. He may have even obtained a favorable ruling.

It is the truth system – at any given moment – that is most beneficial for that person. The truth system will reflect the person’s needs and desires, and reflect how others might be bothered by those needs and desires. It will reflect the best solutions for each situation. It will also reflect where each person is most vulnerable to influence and to reasoned transfers of opinion.

When that person listens to the truth of the system, he will be much better able to acquire what hereallyneeds.

More accurately, he will be much better able to acquire his genuine best. His legitimate needs and desires will most likely get answered. He will have the wherewithal to flourish in the area in which he is most adept.

The “fear of the LORD” is a strong restraining factor to keep the person in line with reality. Arguments backed on these reasoning will generally be flawed, and the person will not grow in his overall effectiveness as a result.

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The Pagerank And The Press
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