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The One Secret Reason Why It Pays To Embrace Our Troubles

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“In this rough and rugged world, wise men do not want to be called religious,” said Shakespeare.

This is much the truth. A whole lot of people are deeply religious without even being considered religious, but there is that sense in everybody’s heart that they do want to be religious, but do not know how.

Trouble and suffering have pressed every man and woman who calls himself or herself a Christian (and, truth be told, virtually all people who call themselves Christian are religious, even in their unbelief). There are so many people in the world today, after all, that have no clue about the presence of their troubles in their lives – unless they have gone to someone else, like Jesus on the Way to Emmaus.

Nobody Wears His Pollyanna Hat Anymore

Nobody wears a religious cap any longer. Those who wear it do so for a variety of motives. Some do it because everybody else does; they want the respect and the good repute of being in the fraternity of faith. It may be that their church is big enough to accommodate their aspirations; maybe there’s enough small groups and meeting places where they can feel part of something bigger than themselves.

Whatever the reason or motivation, they suddenly become tired of being pretenders, though they never truly wanted to begin with. No longer is it an appropriate mask to don. It’s time to grow up to something more authentic, realer, and fervent.

You see, the perishable nature of the flesh makes it impossible to wear a lot of masks. The body that clothes itself with pride is not the real you. The real you is gross and insensitive and is afraid of both its demise and the glory of God that exposes it like an open sore on the skin. That openness is the real you, but the pretense is not. So I don’t need to pretend to know what Jesus was really like in order to connect with who I am today.

I just need to realize, deep inside, that the heart of a sinner is an open wound that cries out for God’s forgiveness and His Love. I just don’t have to wear a bunch of tough-mint- covering any longer. I’m grown up to the temptations of the world. Temptations that are ever leading me to either a devil or a saint. Actually, I don’t think there’s a devil. I think he’s under the excuse of identity. A saint. A friend. So, I don’t have to worry about beingrescented. I can instead concentrate on living my life in glorious union with the Father-God, Abba Father. Who says I have to be concerned with beingrescented.

Don’t have to pretend, Father.

Don’t fill me in, Lord. For I am weak, inadequate, fearful, and gladly pass any real comfort. I want to go contrary to what you say, and if you won’t let me, I’ll go in the fear that you’re hurting me.

Father, a gentleman that thinks he’s a weakman, will get a warm blanket, he swear. A gentleman that’s given up trying to be perfect for the Lord Jesus Christ will get a warm hug from Jesus, and that will make him strong. A gentleman that acknowledges he’s a sinner to the Father, will get a hug from Jesus that says, “You’re forgiven!” That’s what a gentleman is supposed to do. Gentle, sensitive, courteous; that’s how a gentleman ought to be to all those persons.

A gentleman doesn’t belong in the church, anywhere – not unless he goes to someone else’s church. A gentleman doesn’t know the Bible; he only knows he’s a sinner saved by the crucifixion of his counterpart sin. Gee, if that’s all he knows, he hasn’t got a Virtue. A gentleman doesn’t even know he’s flawed. He thinks all he needs is a friend, and that he’s somebody for whom others are throwing nuts. He is that kind of a person who ought to be in prison, serving Jesus the Master.

Jesus is the goluman – God, the Savior, the Lord – but a gentleman doesn’t know it, and worse, a gentleman doesn’t even know it. That’s on top of not being a complete human being. Without Jesus, you’re a partial human being. Now this partial human being is no good to anyone – to God or to himself, because you can never be a complete human being, you can only be a partial one, and that leaves you exposed to the attacks of the devils, as we all have been, or will be in the future.

The devils know this. They’re experts at fitting their hands on the parts of us that don’t function properly.

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The One Secret Reason Why It Pays To Embrace Our Troubles
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