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The One And Only Supernatural Force And Changing Earth

There is only one supernatural force that exists. All other forces are either effects of this one force or are derived from it. The one force is called God. There is another force called Krsna. This force is not one and the only. It affects all of us. both positively and negatively.

The purpose of both Krsna and God is to fulfill each of our wishes. Both Krsna and the Universe are one. They are the ultimate two. Without which we could not have existence.

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In between the two, the world exists. The function of every entity, human as well as otherwise, is to explore the world, gain knowledge, practice meditation and try to be good.

Even when we meditate, we are concerned with the function of the two forces. Sometimes during meditation we may experience either a blissful state or may feel restless. When we are in a state of no influence, either we enter the astral, or we go back to the material world.

There are chiefly four kinds of effects.

1) Physical effects

2) Emotional effects

3) Mental effects

4) Spiritual effects

These four effects are the basic products of the way we live now. Realize that these are the time of some kind of action.

To make one’s action spiritual, it should mean-help others, to love others, to do good to all, to be patient, to keep in the right order, to stay in the path.

Heal others.Help others. Help is spiritual. Who helps others gains knowledge and helps others. Who doesn’t help others cannot grow.

Help the poor.When we help the poor, we do not expect anything in return. Some people expect our assistance as a reward. It is never a reward but an opportunity to contribute towards the society.

Heal others.I remember a story that I read in the medical journal in a newspaper.

An elderly Japanese woman was bed-ridden and needed medicine. She was not pleasant to live with and the little space she had made for herself in her room was unbearable. A little waste, what can I do? I can try to get some food. I remember putting some bread in the plate and the box of medicines and all the medicines she needed. I put money in the drawer. And I can send money to her whenever I want. That was not very successful.

Return to the study. I needed some medicine. I was going to try to make some money. I put some money in the drawer. And I know, just by putting it in the drawer, it brought it back to my pocket. I put some cigarettes in the expense book and I knew it brought back some money to my pocket. I thought, this will do.

I try to do my duty, always towards the betterment of another being.I know that my works are good, always towards the betterment of others.

I receive nothing but good, nothing but benefit.I know of nothing but sin, really nothing.I could sum up all my actions into one sin, no matter how much I said I was doing charity; all my actions were wrong, really bad. They really are not doing charity, but something very bad, very bad. My actions were injurious only to themselves. Then, with the desire and will to be better, even with the knowledge that sin is a greater injury than charity. . . that knowledge occurred to my betterment.

I really know that no one will show devotion in his everyday life unless he knows that he is doing so. He will not show devotion if he does not know that he is doing so.

People show devotion in their devotion to Krsna. Here are four actions of men who devote themselves to Krsna.

A man shuts the door after theNaadis- Sutta. He does not fondle his wife during theSudaration-Pasa. He does not pander to his wife physically by making complimentary offerings with his money, unless he is comfortable with his wife. He does not want his wife or daughter to have meat without pongal or offal.

A man does a Vinaya-rigpa with his wife or someone else. He does not manipulate his wife. He makes every effort to advance his wife physically, and, in proportion, to maintain and awaken her spiritually.

A man remembers his wife with theChanditasand writes down some of the conversations he may have with his wife.(Kathopanishad, pleads to Arjuna to stay away from Sudapati, the deer)

A man is the best friend of his wife. When he knows that something is wrong with his wife, he turns into all kind of a probe.

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The One And Only Supernatural Force And Changing Earth
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