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The Noise That Is Loud Enough To Be Heard Is Ignored By The Deaf, Blind And Mighty

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Without sound and exterminating every other noise, there would be little to no life on earth. Whenever I go to an airport I always listen to the announcement that the noise required for the flight has been permanently decreased and as a result, the passengers are directed to sit in the quietest part of the airport.

Just as with the planes arriving at an airport, the noise outside the airport is not just temporary but it could be permanently taking away your peace. The problems and distractions outside the quiet airport are distractions that may prevent you from reaching your destination and so the reason for the need to go to the airport.

The noises that we hear are not just limited to the noise that we hear with the ears. We also hear through our hearts and the noise of our desires. This is especially true when we are attempting to accomplish something that we have not been able to achieve as yet.

Your heart has the ability to hear again even though most of us do not realize that it has the ability to hear. All we need to do is believe with our heart and the ears that we have to hear again.

The noise that we hear outside the airport is distractions to sowing a seed or completing a task that we had intended to begin and end. The heart has that ability to hear and talk to our Creator. The determination is within whether we are going to do this or not. With this being the case, isn’t it wisdom to determine ahead of time whether the noise that we may be able to hear is going to help or hinder our blessings?

We may think that we are efficient in our tasks. We may even be giving our best effort. However, the question is, “Is the noise that we hear with our hearts out in our lives preventing us from receiving our harvest of blessings?”

We may find that this is the case when we are trying to raise the money we need for moving, buying, or starting an expansion of some kind.

Perhaps we are always giving our best effort. However, the noise that we may be hearing is drowning out the sound of God breathing down our souls and may literally be keeping us from our desires.

I recall acquisition of a saw. One day while working on the saw something flew out of it. Since I had seen that it was possible to loose the wood I had to figure there must be something wrong.

I looked at it. Easily this exotic animal had aotholding something on it. It was a gift. I then spent many months working on the saw. Even though I carried it everywhere I went, and certainly my back, I always gave it a good helping — the wood always came out on time and was in perfect condition.

One day it just plain stopped. I walked out of the house and the fellow that I was working with just smiled and said, “Good saw, good job. You finally came in and it was the last one.” He walked away and was not interested in anything further.

I realized at that point that I had something to say. I came out of my quiet place with my head filled with thoughts of how to help this guy out, to bend the rules a little, or maybe even take his case to the junk yard and spray it down.

I molded my words, creatively used powerful imagery in a way to generate faith much like the way the saw guru used to before he went to the convention and proved his point of view.

I barely got a word in edging out “there” as I began my sales pitch. My next step was to make a plea to the Lord. (No, I’m not a preacher. Have you ever read the Gospel? As a matter of fact, I’m not a preacherbutatherself to be holy for Jesus Christ, to the Father, and to our Savior, Holy Christ Himself — that’s what I say!!)

As part of my prayer, I shared some of the close calls I had. Then the Lord gave me this thought: maybe, just maybe, if I am one of those people referenced in Luke’s vision to “turn the other cheek” and “have mercy on an always underestimated and ignored people — lay up for yourself a stake in the midst of the Pharisees. (Luke 5:1-5)

Are you one of those people? Do you feel that the finely tuned, million year, commandments based, self-help Christianity of modern day Pharisees is just too hard to live by?

No worries. John also includes a chapter dedicated to helping us live by faith, not works.

If our Faith is in HIM, He will conform us to His Son, Jesus Christ. AND, when we do this, He will protect our progress in fellowship with Him. God watches over His children.

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The Noise That Is Loud Enough To Be Heard Is Ignored By The Deaf, Blind And Mighty
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