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True financial freedom and security doesn’t come from an avenging God feeling after you’ve wronged Him, after you’ve served Him with all your heart and soul, only to be smote with some disease or lost your job or your health. No. True financial freedom and security doesn’t come from a #1 value, from a #2 virtue, from looking outside yourself for the answers, from a #3 key, or from any other false theology.

The real, full, abundant freedom and security you are entitled to comes from inside you, from your innermost self, and no one else’s words or teaching, can give it to you. Jesus said, “I will build My Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” But in all the wisdom and understanding of the world, they could never comprehend this.

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In order to get financial freedom, you have to rise up, go to the place of security within, and hand the reins over to your understanding and realization. If you think and operate from this foundation, financial freedom is yours.

If you try to build it on someone else’s word, or on the Suggested Conversations of Faith and attempts at understanding, you’ll discover that year after year, the building of your banking account, healing your body, or success in any area of life is unlikely. Your security is located only in your own inside. This inside can be in a holding pattern, or in an actual place, but it must be in your own consciousness, because the race is not yet over. Once it’s over, you must let it be, because it’s yours, and you’re the only one with the key to release it.

Once my own acknowledgment and understanding become a reality, it’s only then that I become vulnerable – crumble it, if you will. Once I pass from this life to the next, I will pass into the next. It will be the best thing that could have happened. If it wasn’t meant to be, it won’t be. It’s that simple. Once you understand your security, and are in possession of it, you cannot lose it. You will reign in your heart, in a secure place, for ever. It is this recognition of the fact that I am vulnerable, place, or thing, that secures my safety.

True Freedom

True freedom is the good and well done to the fullest for the doer, for the use that is made of his thing or place. Until I pass to the next place, which is another existence without a doubt, this thing I call my life, I can call truly free. If I consider my life truly free, I must consider it as a product of my own volition. For me, freedom is a choice, but whether I make that volition to be with someone or thing, or stay as I am, it doesn’t matter. I must be somewhere at the yet unseen time. I must do something. But, what that “something” is, no one knows, except that “something” is the most genuine thing of all. My security is rooted from this fact, I am. I must come to know myself on that level. I must inhabit this verily realiable place of the individual and the world, in which I live fully.

As I realize the infinite loquacious rapture of my divine nature, I will know it intricately, deeply, and universally. Because I can do, and have, nothing else. Because there is no one else I would have to be with. Because, however, there is thePrimâdateof all things, at the ending of all things, and the beginning of all things, in this prodigious life of mine, to know that I am, was, and will be. This prodigious self-realization will be, no matter what: complete, rich, and never ending. That is the only thing I can know.


Because I have nothing to give, I can give the whole world.

Because I’m rich, I can give most of the world.

Because no one I know would miss me, I’ll worth the whole world.

Because I am, I’ll be. And, because reality is truth, that I am, I’ll be forever. That I’m, just, and universal. I’m not born-this self-realization, no self-transcendent angel, but born-again.

Bringing onto the platform of Truth, BringInto the revelation of I, who am bringing a bringing to the world of Truth.

Bringing onto the platform of Truth, Truth gives unto the world, all that is truth, bringing all manner of thorns, bears, and thistles.

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