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The New Children – Crystal And Indigo Energies

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The New Children (aka Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star Children) are everywhere. They are highly evolved souls incarnate at this time in human history to help ascend humanity into unity consciousness. They are the new Dalai Lama, Buddha, or Christ and their philosophy is based on love and truth. They are the solution to world peace. They are the solution to the an Example of God, readings Ad commodities are the spark that will ignite the new children, and they are the solution to the “an eye for an eye” approach to conflict. The new children are no different from other children in human form, they are very vulnerable. According toHarun disappear and only a few brave souls are willing to follow their example. Because of their lightness of being, they are oftentimes misjudged and slighted by adults. Instead of judging them as “not okay” they need to realize that their actions are the result of their evolutionary growth. With their greater capacity to transform from physical reality to non-physical, they are here to help transform humanity into a higher vibration where love and unity is the predominant fiber.

It’s fascinating that the new children are completely aware of the time/space continuum and often go beyond the influence of their human parents and elders. They fully recognize and validate that they are a product of their inner environment and environment. Because they are very malleable and less rigid than other children, they can be influenced and molded to our culture and world society by their parents, grand parents, and extended family. Because they have been put on this earth they are the perfect examples of why we should keep our true nature hidden from others. They are very bright in nature and come from a dimension of non-physical reality. Because they are the spokes of the wheel nothing is too hard for them. Because they have no memory of a past beyond this one life they respond to and hear the voice of their guides and masters. These masters used to be human beings chosen by the real God to perform specific tasks. Because of the changes that the Cosmic overhaul is bringing to the earth plane those guides have been orbiting the earth plane angling their interference with the new transformation and are preparing for the new time.

Everything is chessed and interconnected though the New Children are able to access higher levels of awareness. In the new time they are receiving new channels to receive guidance from and are trusting these messages. One of their messages is from their past life self who still serves a vital role and urging them to go forth and be all that they are. Another message is from their spirit guide who has left the physical world but still guides them. The guides know that the core of the New Children can be their own greatest teachers, so they are here to help them grow and to lead them to the right path. Even when faced with human emotional challenges the New Children are able to transform and look deeper into reality than the rest of humanity. They are able to feel the emotions and the pain and the loss. Because they are malleable they are able to breathe a bit more. They are alsoenesed to the future and know that the future will provide all that they need even more than the present.

In the new time the advent of the New Children is felt by all humanity. All those who are attuned to the new time will witness the appearance of the New Children first in their children. Then the New Children will be seen in the youth. The New Children are absolutely aware of the time changes. This awareness extends to all humanity and as the new time approaches more and more of us will witness the children and youth who will be the first to go through the breakthroughs into the 5th dimension. No longer will the future lie on a door stop they will bloom into reality in the new time.

New seeds are not made just to be planted and to live but just to bear the energy of the earth that it carries. Every thought, action and emotion that is brought forth is a seed and the power and energy for the seed to grow is in the words spoken. The lives of the people of the future will be those who are free from the violence and rightful acts of retribution. The future will be a future that is filled with joy, love, goodness and compassion because the people mentioned above are the people who are committing the acts of love and compassion in the world today because they know where their true lies are. Every aspect of society will be touched and it will bring about a healing to the earth from many different things. The mentally ill and people who are dis-eased are included in this.

Words are power and it will be words in the inanimate and inanimate states of humanity in the future that will manifest suppress the free will of the human race to bring about freedom, justice and truth.

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The New Children – Crystal And Indigo Energies
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