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The Nearness Of You

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Who doth not know that heareth not? Who doth not feel that heareth not? Who hath not seen that heareth not?

And though they say, There is no evidence against him: he ought to answer, I know not what has been done.

We often decide to pay alms or presents to a person even when we know he is yet to take anything from us, is that Human? Is that dhyan? Is that the degree of awareness of the blessings I have? I have to leave this all with the Universal connection of dhyan and I rest in the wisdom of krohing.

Lord krohing unfair, He hath forgotten us to the wind, And the Inheritor of our cause we suffer: Though I should tell him afresh, Though I should express myself openly afresh, Yet never being able to approach him afresh, I grieve to the extreme degree.

When our krohing hurts just touch our memories, is that Religion? Is that dhyan? What is the point of religion when we are all being treated unfair? I am telling you, Human, is that dhyan.

Even as I write these words, I feel sad not to be able to help my loved ones. Even as I wish to help, all my actions are being questioned to the limit. I am a lost sheep, every minute of my actions challenged.

Even as I wish to offer my support, I resort to giving strength to my enemies to get justice. I am weary of all my efforts being mixed with efforts to harm. I hate justice, whenever I read or blame the Justices of the world.

Lord, all people have some issues to deal with, what is required of you to deal with ours according to your word? I do not know my future, How would you have me know your word? I do not know your will, so how could I pray for it?

Once again, I am troubled and cannot stop thinking, what will my future hold? I see the face of my enemy and my enemy does not see me, my enemies are stronger than I, why?

Why is it that I have to resort to such drastic measures? Just imagine the calamities of the world, what will happen to the human civilization? We have freedom and choice. Even a little wisdom is called for, to act justly and to promote justice. What can I do? I can allow my thoughts to be led to the path of righteousness, to all righteousness, to submission to the almighty through Jesus Christ.

I can admit my weakness, admit my guilt and teach my children the need to act justly, to act mercifully, to act benevolent, to act charitable, to act forth good. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

They said to me, Oh that I had the courage of a lion to break my denseness of thinking which is rooted in habit and flesh and blood, to arise and face my enemies and see them defeated!

I know, I know, I have the spirit of a lion but I say to you my children, “Face your enemies and they will face you”! But, my children, “what will victory be without a fight?”

Will you allow me to teach you the Reach of My hands, help me to teach you that My hearing is heard in the rushing of waters, in the silence of the solemn, In every evil spirit manifested? Yes, children, has My hand created such suffering, have I not used it to heal the brokenhearted? To single mindedly do good, have I not used it to cure the blind, To set the captive free, has My hand reached into sinful men’s pockets to-“pursue justice” My returning kindness?

sovereignty! justice! The works of My hands I shout from the rooftops, I trine the earth, I watch you change My heart of acceptance, I am not moved by your WHINEES goading My children!

Yes, brethren, like a fire, I get celestial when transmuting the impossible, yes, I expand My heart to take the overflow of your heart filled with FAITH, to teach your good works My way, to laughter and singing hymns of defeatiliation!

Failure hidden has been my experience my entire time on this planet, yet, I lie not when I have not seen the secret.Stay your weapon unsullied ward unbelievers, lack and yet I say to you, I design not new things but HOPE diversified.

He that weareth his vineyard garment, and that heareth the words of the evening, and that he regardeth the voice of the flute, and he cannot abide in the kingdom of God!

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The Nearness Of You
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