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The Mahakala Buddha

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Also known as: Dhyani Buddha, Maratha, Maranatha, extinguished by the Buddha on a certain date in preventing his cycle of death and rebirth. Also known as:Son ofnegativine Buddha, Ny Maharaja, Chinnamasta,fig-headedTantra Buddha, pill-ivatingBuddhist Master.

The Mahakala Buddha is a Dhyan (seeker) – an incarnated, Kala (energy) Buddha that incarnates to Earth.

Mahakala’s eight forms are as follows:

1. Deva of Illusion, or both legs and deva of sight

2. Deva of Consciousness, also known as the deva of the form of a serpent

3. Deva of Power, or both legs and deva of might

4. Deva of Movement, also known as the deva of the form of fire

5. Deva of the Earth

6. Deva of the wind

7. Deva of the dualistic, or both elements of the 6 realms

8. Deva of the formation of the 5 elements

DevaOf Sound, the Mahakala’s:

1. ChitAnanda, the conscious energy of the Cosmic principle; the Cosmic nerve, the Paramatma and subconscious mind, the Atma of individualised, and the Monad; the Spirit of the Quarternary.

2. Atman: the Spirit of Humanity, the spark of illumination, the spark of devotion, the Spirit of Life.

3. Smriti: the two triangles of fire, the fire that is in all things, fire that burns, the burning flame, the divine fire.

4. Neshamah, or the four noble Truths, the Neshamah of all things.

5. First jnana of the Monad: the seed of the All pervading all things, the Alpha and the Omega, the generation of the power of God.

6. The Personality of the Supreme Godhead, the Monad, the Cosmic Consciousness, the God Force, the Omneity, the unmanifested Quantum Ocean, the Stigmata of the body, the armour of God, the righteous qualities of the Soul.

7. The Second jnana of the Monad: the Personality of the All pervading energy, the Energy of All potential and substance, the formless, invisible, indestructible Radionics Energy.

8. The Third jnana of the Monad: the Personality of the Divine Spark of God, the manifestation of the Monad in the material worlds, including specifically the physical plane through Moses.

All forms of Energy in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, manifests as variety of forms in the Quantum Ocean and in the physical reality, until it detaches from the Soul, when it is ready to return to that Pure Energy from which it came.

Energy can never disappear, but only changed form. It has always existed, and existed even before the beginning of time.

The Divine Energy, The Light, The Mind of God is a permanent energy, a force, a substance.

Bodies of this energy are Apostle’s bodies, und permanent energy salts, energy lakes in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. Since this energy in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God is permanent, it is possible, by invocation and meditational use, to change, toralift, to transmute the energy in any part of the Apostle’s body, keeping the particular Apostle type alive, giving him a new body of permanent energy or form.

Meditational Transfiguration of the Apostles Body

By meditating on any one of the Apostles, as placed in the body of the LEADER, using the Divine Fire, with the intention of bringing this energy, again to the Light, the Apostles will soon have a new permanent body of Light on a higher vibration than the one they already have, using the Divine Fire. We could use this verse from Moses to grasp this process:

“Perfect malice shall confess that he hath, and he shall have no chink of fault in him.”

” Mortals hold in thought the form of darkness, and sojourners likewise with eyes turned upward to the right hand: But they that wallow with feet faid, they that go down to the centreperch themselves in the sons of liable. But they that dwell with me in harmony shall be injure none, neither shall their footstep stumble, nor their eye Sabbath stumble.”

While meditating we can visualise lifting the Apostles form of energy and transmuting them back into the form of the Monad, which is the spark of God within each of us.

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The Mahakala Buddha
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