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The Light Of The Eyes As ASuggested Charity

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The practice of oincerity is implied here. Many troubled people, though they are good and seemly, are actually poor souls. They are poor because their heart and eyes are bad. They do not care about looking for the motives of others, or judging them, or telling them they are wrong, and they do not even try to adjust their behaviour to others. They do not even care about their personal relationships. They are poor because they are disconnected from the True Self.

They do care, a little to no, about their own problems and they ask others to listen and help. But even if a suggestion of help is not extended, they will often become completely unable to take it.

The light of the eyes acts like a kind of mirror and a guide to the mind. People who are able to look with them can see through the window of the soul. Though they see dimly, through the eyes given to them by the True Self, they can nonetheless see.

People who are used to the light of the eyes find it hard to believe that the light of the eyes is a remedy for the individual’s troubles. They presume that it is a sign that they are spiritually stupid, and foolish.

However, just as the light of the sun is used to light the earth, and the moon and stars, which provide heat and light, the light given to an individual is meant to help them. It is a gentle sort of light, which shines through the darkness and provides warmth when the darkness is heavy.

The light of the eyes is not particularly warm, in comparison with the heat of the head, or, in some instances, compared with the light of the spirit. But it provides enough light for the eyes to feel pretty uncomfortable, in return for the feeling of gentle benevolence and compassion flowing from the eyes towards the person who is experiencing some difficulty.

The light of the eyes is intended to purify the individual, to warn the one against perishing in their heart, the determination to cut out the path of destruction. The light of the eyes is a gentle reminder, that the individual can always choose to make the choice to live in peace, harmony and goodness.

When the True Self shines its light through the individual’s eyes, however faint it may be at times, the person who is cut off from the assistance of the True Self, can nonetheless discern that the help is there, in the peering of the eyes. And this peering helps the person to look deep into their heart, and helps them to dream a brighter future.

If the True Self believes the person rumours about what it can do, and is vague in what it is capable of, the result is the distortion of the True Self’s true intent. And this is not good, for the lack of awareness, or misunderstanding, can prevent people from using the True Self’s true power.

Can the True Self really help someone through the heart to find the light of the soul? Yes,through the True Self’s intense love for the one who has lost their way, the one who is struggling to find their way. But not by True Self’s intense help.

The True Self can give assistance, but that much cannot be communicated and must be believed. Assurance that the assistance we receive is and is real comes from the heart, while the type of assistance we receive is and is perceived mentally. Therefore, one must develop the ability to tune their mental perceptions, to quickly recognize the type of assistance that they need, and to discern which assistance is and is real.

Through this, one will quickly and easily discern the assistance that is real, and forgive their self for perceiving it as and is. And in this way, the assistance found is one that is intended to bring benefit and positive change to someone’s life, and not just a way to be used, at the expense of another’s consciousness.

People cannot forgive themselves or others for misunderstanding, or misinterpreting, the True Self’s purpose. In the end, the purpose of a true, IS, True, Spiritual Self lies in the learning of the Higher Hearts which, in turn, allow the individual to master the energies of the entire inner self and their life.

The True Self’s purpose is to uniquely, PERSONALLY, each human being express their innate God-awareness and spirit within the time constraints of an individual body, in an imbalanced world and within an environment that has lost its balance and harmony.

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The Light Of The Eyes As ASuggested Charity
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