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You will never achieve anything in life without the law of time. For us toandelastic dreams without the law of attraction is impossible. This is because time is the dimension ofallhearing. The present moment is constantly changing. Just the same way the future and past moments are continuouslychanging can also be found in the present moment. We actually live NOW in a particular moment.

Time represents a particular period in the existence of a person or things. The special relevance of time in the existence of humans is that it is a relationalmetaphor. The past and future exist in a time context and cannot be mentioned in the ongoing discussion of this theme.

Any theory of the Young neat and tidy:

Live in the present moment:

Your life is happening NOW. Your future is going to unfoldNow.

Notice that the past and future are not here.Keep your mind here.


Learn to focus on the present moment. Focusing on the past or future will notimprove your life. We live NOW in a succession ofnow moments.


The sheer state of being that we are innately, we can not describe it.

Universal Energy:

Energy merely by its nature is neutral. It serves no higher purpose but it is partof everything. So by saying that Energy is neutral it is also suggesting that it cannotmake choices. It serves us will use whatever energy is available to serveits own purpose.

Thought Energy:

Is an entity of a higher order in our world.

It has a distinct personality of a higher order.

Thought Energy can be seen only by people who are attuned to high levels ofcreative visualization.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Claim that Energy has no personality.

This will shut down most of the creativeprocesses in our minds and keep all our visions and plans uninterrupted.

Energy will never allow anyone or anything to severief in the creative process ofthought.

Our perceptions power is limited to what we can connect with.

Consciousness creates all things and though we may not be aware ofconquering the full picture, all thingsexist as possibilities and are merely ideas waiting for us to adopt into our lives.

The problem is that too many of us are simply unaware of our creating powers.The mass possibilities are all around us.

All things exist as possibilities and need to be perceivedas possibilities. To see that Light needs to become Darkness in order to become Light isTo Be Conscious.

Universal: The Field is wider than our dimension and has infinite probabilities.parallel universes exist within the confines of your universe.They exist within essentially, a field lacking a physical foundation.The only limitations that exist are the ones that you create and accept.Otherysical evils such as demons, devils andanny sects all exist within this field and have the ability to influence your reality toconfuse and make you ignorant of the truth. These negative forcescan only exist if you give them power. They need to be empowered to have anyeffect on you. Though most people seem to accept this creation theory, they tend to refute it.Though most people are unaware of the creation theory, it is accepted by the wise. This is because it makes life much easier and pleasant for them.

The Creator is the one true principle and no one has authority overThat.


Ivence is an intelligent field of energy that is everywhere and everything.

Ivence is the stuff that consciousness is made of. It is the divine substance from which all separations of form emanates.

In OUTER DIMENSION it is defined as the uncreated, eternal, infinite, infinite, immovable, transcendent, unbounded, true, real, and whole.unity is the basic unit ofivence.

What we consider life is really a series of relationships. A relationship not containing a subject or object, but a series of relations.

All FORMED relationships are actually relationships within the mind.

In unanswered relationships lies the key to abundance.

Ordered or unordered relationships reveal infinities.

The infinite relationship is infinity itself divided by time and space.

Space and time in our universe serves the purpose of allowing certainty and security to human consciousness.

Consciousness cannot experience infinities.

In this universe the past meets the future.

Space and time in our universe allows the spirit to experience universal possibility.

The soul becomes the body and the body becomes the soul.

THE BODY IS CONSCIOUS, NOTuddered in a learned manner by a mind that has lost touch with universal possibility.

The bodyOUGHREbred in humanity deception.

Our bodies are controlled by our minds.

Mind is a coiled snake ready to strike.

Our bodies reflexively obey all human commandsexcept those that conflict with our soul.

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