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The Journey Is All, The Resolution Is Always Ready

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When we set out on a task to build a better life for ourselves we have a set of goals. These goals are the stages of the journey. These goals are called stages because each stage has a different outcome and purpose.

The first stage is awareness. It is the first step in becoming enlightened. It is the awareness of who you are, where you are, what your life purpose is and your values.

This is the stage where you begin to have clarity about your current life and where you want to be. You will be able to recognize skills and talents that you have and maybe search for schools to train for those skills.

Awareness is the first stage of any task. Once you are aware there is nothing to do but pay attention to what is going on. A lack of awareness can be what drives us to distraction and keeps us from finishing tasks or staying focused in our lives.

We want to be clear on what our goals are. We want to know more about our life purpose and our life skills. We want more detailed information about our life flow so that we can create a clearer path to our goals and flow is easily when we are clear.

This is the first stage of task accomplishment. It is important to clearly see the end result of achieving our goals. We want to see how our process and action’s meet their fruition. It is amazing what can happen when we stop trying to achieve our goals (our mind) with the mind and learn to let it go and follow the will of the heart.

We can begin this change throughout our life. As we do this clarity sets in. It is like the negative influences in our life. As we continue to cultivate the change within us over time we can merge in more positive mental attitudes.

This process may take more time to effect our lives then we may wish it to be. This is okay. As we make the mental change we can become more peaceful within.

Allowing the qualities of the heart to Inspire us

The aspect of the heart that brings more joy within us is its ability to Inspire us. When we look only at the what we say we embody what we embody. It is our nature to Inspire one another.

We may be walking a busy street and someone suddenly smiles at us. This is a form of Inspiration taking place within us. We begin to exemplify the qualities of the heart in a more prominent way.

In allowing the qualities of the heart to inspire us we become fulfilled in the act of Inspiration. When we embody the qualities of the heart we begin to shine and show our light outward for all to see.

Our Inspiration may take the form of a song that moves us to a place of peace. Our Inspiration may be a smell that opens our senses to the oneness of all of life. Our Inspiration may be a symbol out of a beautiful painting that soeye catches your eye and takes a small bit of time to comprehend. All are Inspiration in the form of momentary gifts from our heart that Inspire us to see life in a way that we may have not yet seen it.

You are the story of your life. Your life is your story. All your story is your Soul Lessons. Your Soul is the author of your story as it grows, doubts and gives way to the acceptance of Universal Love. We are the author of our own story as we allow it to unfold in the prophecies of our hearts.

Our story may be in verse, and yet the true story of our hearts is in the language of the heart, the essence that we carry authentically forward with us even as we become caught up in the words of verse. Moment by moment our hearts are being recreated as desire presents itself in the form of light and shadow and dark.

What is called the free will of the soul has brought us to this new moment in the knowledge that love is our real will. That this is our true will and not the will of ego or circumstance. It is the agreement to accept the way things are in the world in order to grow, because we know better then to resist the momentary gifts of Universal Life Force.

It is then that we can manifest our hearts once again in the acceptance of what is. A knowing that we are perfect just as we are. That we are whole and perfect exactly as we are.

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The Journey Is All, The Resolution Is Always Ready
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