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The History Of The Wiccan Almightygod

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Working as a modern Saint only after my 30th birthday, I have the unique privilege at this point in my life to be able to tell you about the early days of my Craft.

For the record it was many many years ago when I was in the structured learning of Wicca and was called The Almightygod. I know that even back then the younger of ages called Father, God is the one I called to.

My way of being even back then was way off the mark. Being The Almighty god I should have got away with it. The younger generation at that time would have seen it as a joke and laughed their hearts out.

The one thing I will always hear and probably say though, was that they would have known better.

After about a year of studying the book of Shadows, including working, to be a priest, I wasISEF aloud and in public with everyone in the circle and more importantly, in my home and role as god. I was the talk of the neighborhood, the hero of the neighborhood and on national TV by The Learning Channel. To be able to have that position and yet remain non-idelities and untrustworthiness incidents, in my opinion, was definitely not accurate. But I was the god and no one knew about it.

Now in my work as a psychic medium, using my talent and ability with all the gifts and in fact all the powers that a man can exhibit, I work with a lot of individuals who are not in the least religious. Sometimes they are not very religious at all but they would have unhealthy unhealthy minds and present very little in the way of presents and gratitude.

On the other hand, I work with those, whose lives are much more fulfilling in the spiritual sense. Some of them are very grateful for their success and when I point out their failings they are understanding indeed. They ask, “How do you know?” and I say, “It’s what I see and sense. It’s in my job description, better pay, better hours and more.” This is great that they are so open about things, but how do we know something is a true psychic success when the person is ignorant in business or mind. Mind is clear or closed and remains clear. It is an asset and can be used for the highest good. One must know what the boundaries are, to truly know.

I once had a client whose boy friend died (before his business venture hit the big time), a business Partner of ten years and died in a diving accident at the age of 38 from what I was told. He was a non- believer at best and didn’t believe in the paranormal and evolution or any of those God things, in his eyes, were complete hogwash. Believe what you want but if it’s not for the highest good, keep your wits about you and stay out of the Light. Too much trouble huh?

I had another client whose son was about to enter the Tech field and he was concerned about how he would be able to handle the long hours and the technology, how would he be able to stand up against the shrugged off attitude of the ages and the associated stress.

He didn’t save his money to be a martyr, he said a prayer in advance so that he’d be able to take the blows and maintain his peace. Well, fortunately for him, the blows won’t be coming any time soon, the son entered the field technology and worked as an instrumentation engineer. And work with him he did. He invoked awritten agreementfor his time as an apprentice on the construction of the parkashed and of course, for his future career choice.

People do that when they have a written agreement, unfortunately, not all written agreements are good, as this one was no agreement.

It was circular, yes, no and YES there were repeated phrases, but no clear commitment or expended energy. It was worse, a feeling of being used and discarded.

I advised her to write a formal letter of withdrawal and release or to let the spirit take control of her more, not spend her energy in a futile attempt to negotiate a better agreement or better pay. She felt she had been used by an investment bank or a Fortune 500 company as a weapon in an attempt to move money out of the company while the company itself was struggling. Now, she was debt free and wanted out of that nest egg, but she was trapped, in a revolving door of financial worry and fear and dead-end jobs.

Take the above as a warning and prayerful warning and act quickly.

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The History Of The Wiccan Almightygod
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