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The History And Legacy Of Consciousness

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Before we can begin to consider the evolution of consciousness we need to begin with the assumption that consciousness existed prior to the evolution of human kind. In other words, consciousness existed even before sentient beings appeared on earth. How did consciousness originate? Well, consciousness has always existed. Obviously “God” consciousness did and since we are all composed of energy “God” consciousness exists within each of us. As energy beings, we each have inherent creative powers. These powers are gifts from the creator to our personality. Always, consciousness is projected outward from the personality and into our world, or non-physical existence. No matter what kind of consciousness exists within you, it is inherent in you like air, the power is invisible and priceless.

Where did consciousness originate? Consciousness originated in the beginning of the physical universe, and because “God” is said to originate from “energy” which never dies, consciousness existed before the creation of universe and was present at creation.

What is so special about human kind? Human consciousness is the only kind of consciousness that can occupy a separated vibrational state while still existing at same time outside of physical system and even existing “outside” of universe. This is special because all other consciousness either are part of physical universe or are illusioners and so cannot exist at the same time. The big question is where and how did consciousness start so we can understand the unique situation of human consciousness?

Consciousness is a special kind of energy that can exist at a low temperatures and enormous density and weightlessness, and it does so in a fraction of second that the quantum level of non-matter was created and the physical universe was formed in a fraction of a second.

Consciousness gave birth to matter and when matter was created the space that was created was called universe. It was so conducive to the unique qualities of consciousness that matter is invisible to other forms of consciousness. The stronger the consciousness the more matter will be and the invisible becomes more evident.

Consciousness created a hemisphere of space that is divided into an hemisphere of space that is objective and ours, and a convex hemisphere of space that is ours but not our own. Another way to express this is, consciousness has a self awareness of completing its cycle of continuous creation of all that we see and the Universe but this awareness is not present when the consciousness is in its lowest registers or not awake.

This is exactly where we are. We possess a conscious brain capable of limited though limited knowledge and awareness of our physical surroundings. The more advanced our brain becomes, and it eventually will, we will be able to do nearly the same as God in creating our environment and reality. We will know we exist not because we can see or perceive into space but because our brain will be capable of such tasks even to the animals. The question then becomes what will be our perception of reality?

Consciousness evolves into matter and never disappears but it does return in another body or form when its task is done. The cycle of life exists because consciousness evolves and needs to be experienced in as many forms and permutations as possible. For example, for one day, a representative of our planet walked on the moon, and what was not knowable then, was knowable now.

The evolution of consciousness into matter is a characteristic of all life on planet earth and all other life elsewhere. Because we know so little about the process of evolution in connection with the much larger process of the evolution of consciousness into matter, there is really no steals on what the outcome of this vast evolutionary process will be. On the most simplistic and most truthful judgment, all our actions and experiences are part of the grand scheme of evolution and do not reflect any individuals’ or a group’s ignorance or intentional deception on the process.

Consciousness creates matter and matter creates consciousness. Simple as that.

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