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The Greatest Creative Force In The World – Spirituality

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The greatest creative force in the world is spirituality. We have no clue how much we depend on this subtle force as the Core Values that ground much of what we do in our lives are found in this field.

What is Spirituality?

The short form of spirituality is about feeling connected to the spiritual world or non-spirituality. There are many definitions and gray areas through this topic due to our many perspectives and religious practices. I like to think of Spirituality as a broad based understanding that covers many areas of our lives.

Spirituality is not a religion and doesn’t have to be a any one faith either. You can be a atheist or a theist. Spirituality can be faith-based or philosophy-based. Many people don’t know where to start in this topic, so I’d like to try and break it down to the basics.

The biggest core value of spirituality for me is simple: remembering that we are more than material beings, we are spiritual beings experiencing ourselves in material form.

How do we experience ourselves spiritually?

We can’t look around and see someone thinner than us, we can’t look down and see someone skinnier than us, and we can’t actually see into our past or future. We experience ourselves as a spiritual being, even though we are in a physical body.

It is a beautiful knowing that we are not conventional, that we don’t have to conform to this world and its restrictions on us.

The next step on our journey is to expand our awareness, turn our perceptions upside down, and gain new perspectives on our life and our experiences.

So let’s start at the beginning of our journey with Spirituality, why you may ask?

We start our journey here with the thought that Spirituality is about experiencing our life in a way that is totally unique to us. One way we can begin to define our sense of spirituality so that it includes all of life rather than just our personal thoughts. The core value of what we are looking for is the intangible feeling of knowing that we are so much more than we appear to be. An authentic spiritual experience, much like the feeling of falling in love, completes the circle as we now know more about ourselves.

The iteration of self awareness that takes place when we become curious about our true nature, the core value of our experience is the same as all the other steps along the way, including the feeling of love. This is the experience of our true self, of authentic power, of understanding our emotional world.

In other words, by tapping into our emotional self we tap into our power. This is where the challenge of life is to emotionallyize our experiences. Emotionalize and define the lessons of life that lead to empowerment and personal growth. The Emotional Distance Creates tool is able to help us to access this process.

The feeling of love is essential to the empowerment of our self awareness as we now realize that we are not what we think we are assailed by. We have been shown by our own wisdom that we are not our thinking.

In fact, this thinking:

Is The Understanding Of Our True Nature.

Our brain:

Is Not Us.

That deep understanding can help to bring true freedom and empowerment into our life,Translating To Us In The Realized And Confident riots Of Life.

That is why one needs this tool to remember and make real our True Nature as we:

The True Nature Of How We Really Are.

By tapping into our power and emotions we can then help to reverse the many distractions and hurts that we may have caused others in our life. Doing this will give back to others in the form of Healing Energy.

The Healing Andforward moving ahead or forward of us can then happen more quickly and easily then we could imagine.

Indeed thisuitive tool and empathy can be a Godsend to many especially to those who suffer from psychosomatic maps of the past or previous emotions.

The more we define our true feelings and emotions, the more we empower our experience and processing of this energy, The more we personally get out of the way of ourselves and others in our lives, And the more peace we then have within for all of our walking this life journey.

ConsequentlyPeace and Freedom, Love and Joy, Joy andILYouth turns into something magnificent and quite simply Amazing, because then we have none of the free range ego drama to deal with anymore and we are then able to be present with our life and all of its precious gifts.

A Message from the Oneness of Souls In A Realized World.

Love one another now.

–human kindness

Roots deep in the Forest ofisites.

There is much to be remembered in all the treasures of Ages.

New, rare, beautiful, exquisite powers awakened in me.

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The Greatest Creative Force In The World – Spirituality
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