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The Great Change

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The Great Change:

The time approaching for us all to place our beards upon our shoulders and create a more productive, happy and peaceful world is quickly approaching. Many of us are aware of the general alignments of the Universe at this moment; planets are aligning with humans and humans are aligning with the planets. Our veils are coming down and our eyes are becoming more open to the manipulation of our environment by the general mass of mankind.

Many of us are aware of the Prophetic Symbols of Destruction appearing in our skies; of the Reuniting of Humanity that is heralded in our times by thefunction of the PropheticExperiences of the Children of God who are being Redeemed.

The general alignment of Mankind has been brought about by the insubstantiality of our base belief systems, i.e. religious/spiritual belief systems. These can be overcome, but the cost borne by the children of Men will be great.

Mars has once more become the focus of Mankind’s attention, for Mars has been quietly and repeatedly establishing a very strong and dense influence on the Solar system.

“Mars in Retrograde” by Michael Temple, July 1999,IS

Because of the strong influence of Mars energy in Retrograde, the influence may cause the departure of one generation from the silver age and the anonymity of those who oppose the life-force of Mars.

Some of the opposition effects:

1. Water in Dietrichtine and Reinol Spooner’s “Luh-vana” may cause emotional and/or psychological upset.

2. Thurn in Reinol Spooner’s “Luh-vana” may bring about materialistic themes in the individual’s life.

3. rase in Reinol Spooner’s “Luh-vana” may result in the loss or removal of one’s Usui sensei’s sensei. The defeat of one’s pride is the catalyst in the illumination of the lower aspects of the psyche.

4. The arrival of the darkness/starlight in the UR natal chart may express a specific area of firsthand knowledge in challenging the individual at the time of the natal charted life.


Therefore, when Mars arrives in the 12th house, there will be a consequential crisis in an individuals life.

This crisis could be the result of acceptance of the fact that no matter how much he/she tries to get rid of Mars and its influence, Mars will be there to stay until the individual is ready to face up to its power. Nor should the individual attempt to remove Mars from his/her life. That would only be a victory of powerless resources and wouldn’t benefit anyone, except perhaps the one who suffers through the crisis.

For example, a situation may arise where an individual has been struggling to face up to the fact that his/her parents might have purposely forced him/her to lie on a bed of roses in his youth so that they could earn a martyrdom without penalty. This situation could cause a crisis of faith and the individual may seek refuge in a mystical/spiritual pursuit.

Such a situation is not the end of the matter. The crisis accomplished a certain purpose, but it doesn’t last forever. The vital importance of the matter is not yet known to the individual. In fact, the individual may not even be aware that this crisis has a resolution. What the individual fails to realize is that life moves on even beyond his/her precise point of view. The further the individual moves away from his/her situation, even though the situation may be resolved, the stronger becomes their sense of self.


A certain change has occurred within the individual. The process is not yet complete but the new situation is already established and in motion. When the individual sees that there is no longer a need to force a situation to conform to his/her expectations, this perception of separateness from the divine results in spontaneous illumination.

As a result of the illumination that has followed, the individual will in turn ask questions that are directed toward the true nature of his/her Self and answers that are guided by the true laws of life and existence.

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The Great Change
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