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The Glory And Miracle Of The Maha Shivaratri

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Amid the sordidness of mundane life, a quest for peace and prosperity seems to be a wild goose chase, as Man’s unquenching thirst for love, lust and power leaves him nowhere but in a dreary desert of ceaseless profligacy. But it is fast, festivals and celebrations which with their divine forces steer him out to merge with the beatitude of supernatural and spiritual progress of life on earth.

Since time immemorial, Indian culture has been enriched with various sorts of festivals, religious observances, and cultural events. Here are so many festivals that almost every day some festival or the other is celebrated with great gusto and gracefulness. One of them is Maha-Shivratri (Great Night of Ziva) which is well- known for its remarkable significance in life as described in Hindu mythology. It is the most important sectarian festival of the year for the devotees of the Hindu god ‘Zhiva’.

According to Hindi calendar this great festival falls on the 14th night of the darker half of the month, Phalgun (February). ‘The Great Night of Shivaratri falls on the 14th night of the salient of Phalgun (February). Celebrated during the fall season, it is believed to be the birth-night of Lord Shiva.

On the bright side, Maha-Shivaratri offers a fitting welcome for the New Year as it helps us striking the gold teeth of spiritual practice. The festival provides a good opportunity to cleanse your jewelry, by practicing a series of pious rituals at a local temple or in the backyard of your home. Before the festival starts, you might offer prayers to get sound blessings. But you should not neglect the candle burning ceremony that is essential in observing the festivities.

In today’s bustling city life, many have forgotten to connect with the divine spirit that resides in all living beings. Engaging in meaningless rituals and religious activities will lead to nothing but misery in the long run. This is why it is so important to have a conscious spiritual life that will help you strike the cosmic gold from the pull of divine power found in Lord Shiva and the Goddesses. The festivals also serve as excellent platforms for conducting spiritual practice on the lines of yoga, meditation and worship.

It is believed that Hindus are supposed to worship Lord Shiva and show devotion to the Goddesses through the process of Kala Bhuris, rituals and religious ceremonies conducted in the dark hours of the night. But it is dangerous to follow the Kala Bhuris when you don’t sleep at night. The spiritual power that is generated can create a negative impact on the mind and psyche if the night of revelry is continuous. The monsoons are considered the best time for this preparation of the mind and soul, otherwise it will be impossible to make it to the next season.

As uncomfortable as it may be, the only way to obtain the resource is to make a firm decision to do it on the lines of ancient rituals. The rules are very simple:

Don’t hurt anyoneGoddess opens the way to success culturallyAccept the TranscendenceThe best time to perform Kala Bhuris is at monsoon season.

Kala Bhuris are conducted every month between March and May on the banks of the rechargeable Kedarnath river, situated just outside of Dausa, Upskirting the beautiful green and lush green lotus river, situated about 40 km away fromcapital city, Tirupati.

It is possible to conduct the Kala Bhuris on every night of the month, from March to mid-June

* You can start the Bhuris anytime, but there is a certain necessity to do them during the monsoon, when the river is most agitated.

* The most auspicious occasion for Kala Bhuris is the full moon day, which is ruled by Lord Maitreya.

* But you can perform the Kala Bhuris on any night of the month.

* The moon’s relation to the planet is different, and its power is great in benefiting the mind.

• Good medicine flows in the notion that only a full moon is auspicious.

• The Kala BhurisOpening the doors to your divine wealth is the reason why only full moons are good for humans.

• The 12th Kala Bhuris, also known as the visit to the planet Yama, is the perfect time to perform Kala Bhuris.

• Here is the specific time when you can dwell on the lines of Lord MaitreyaOsho, the.”one who covers the face of the one who is receiving the breath of life.’

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The Glory And Miracle Of The Maha Shivaratri
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