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The Gift Of Willed Oblivion – Part 1

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At the moment we speak, not one single creature or even one single natural object is out of place, there is no emptiness of which we cannot rearrange, no spaces which cannot be filled, no spaces which cannot be lining, no spaces which cannot be seen but which can be felt but which can be completely filled, no spaces which cannot be felt but which can be completely taken away. Every space becomes immediately reopened and anew can become the substance of the universe, the stillness in which all Voices speak not only among themselves but also within us.

For that moment were unaware, it can become the moment of Clarity, for which all our valuations are no longer useless and though we cannot declare it as total because it is far too overwhelming, it can bebalancedoutrightin that moment.

For it is that veryHolding which allows each of us to ask what we will, what we must ask to be released from the chains of the lower self and its limitations and to speak again with clarity the truth of who we are and to rejoin once again the souls on the ultimate path, the path to ultimate Freedom.

For when one wants to liberate a new way of seeing and to free themselves from the lower self and its world of one’s separate interests, when that desire rises in strength and carries them up to the Clarity which is the only true Power, then they are truly as Gods. For Clarity is the victory of the gods over the common sense and the indulgence of one’s self with Truth.

How often does one observe this: that someone who is totally out of balance in life has attempted to become aligned with what they are not, in order to escape the circumstances of what they are in.

For it is this moment, when one tries to bring the greatest freedom for themselves and others, when one tries to align themselves with what they are not, when desire rises in strength, that the real heldsilenceof their Will, their will buried in their unconsciousness is revealed and in that openness painfully they reveal the way they see themselves separated, separate from everyone and everything and so in despair and need of freedom.

In that moment one has spoken from the heart of their unconsciousness seeking to unlock the Powers that lay dormant and search for perfection in all things.

The moment that one has sincerely asked for this openness to come forward and to be used to freedom all on its own terms and to be used to one’s advantage, there is an instantening of their Spirit, their inner voice that has always known what it is that one is called to do.

They will in this very instant be led to the particular path that shows them not only the way to freedom, but the way that all the bodies of authority around the globe have been leading them to.

For it is in the midst of our confusion in the Now that we can be heard.

The Spirit within each of us knows without doubt exactly what we are called to do without parameters or limits and with a lovingkindness that is beyond anything that the mind can come up with.

The moment that we listen to the voice within the silence within all that is what we will do.

It is the Spirit within us to guide, comfort, encourage and heaveshift us into what is true for each of us at this time.

As we shed the outer layers of lack and limitation in our mind, we then become freed from all that would have us stand in confusion and limitation of having to hide behind what the mind itself suggests rather than following the direction within that comes from the heart in unity with what all that Is truly guiding us to.

Filling our spirit with such unconditional love that it produces a union with our higher selves that we elevated from the illusions of the limits and from the illusions of having to depend on the mind to serve us.

Filling our spirit from such unconditional love that it produces a union with our higher selves that we are then free to act in all of our creations without the fears of limit.

Filling our Spirit from such unconditional love that it produces a union with our higher selves that allow us to truly experience life in all of its beauty and splendor.

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The Gift Of Willed Oblivion – Part 1
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