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The Gift Of Will

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Will is what we choose to do. Sometimes my will opposes the new covenant sealed with God’s blood. My will works with or against everyday choices and also bears witness to the Gospel. Daily commitments can overwhelm even the best of my will.

I belong to a cell group. Their standing is clear. I have a clear commitment. It is a simple cell group I belong to. Each person is competent in their role. There is order. There is clear division. I belong to this group for certain… transition is not necessary. This is God’s will for me.

From an earlier article I wrote: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jer. 29:11 NLT).

I feel a call to personalize this verse. I belong to a cell group. Each person in this group is privately responsible for their part in the care and discipline of the group. I feel that I am part of a web of caring for each other members. I feel that I am part of the secure circle of those who support and encourage my commitment to personalize this verse.

I belong to a chosen family. Scripture proclaims a secret and public family. As a chosen family we are called to influence world around us. We influence believers and non-believers alike. There is a responsibility I feel to personally fulfill the needs in the public trust.

I belong to a godly community. I belong to a group with covenant keeping and structure. I have expectations. Rituals, expectations and rules exist. This is not a desert. This is a fruitful and interactive period in my life. I belong to it.

I have a spiritual responsibility. I have a special part in this world. I am accountable before the whole world. I am part of a kingdom assignment. I have been appointed to influence the world around me. The work is not yet completely completed.

When the disciples observed Jesus making his way into Jerusalem, they had a strange sight. They watched the crowds filling the streets and were astonished by the massive crowd, for many who were with Jesus were also not sinners and had no goods or even evil eye – marking their hearts as faithful. (Acts 9:9 NLT).

I have a personal and private responsibility. I have been entrusted with a piece of God’s creation. I must care for it with a passionate lover. I must live in a manner which is pleasing to the Lord. I must offer a helping hand to those who seem to have no one. I am called to be part of a wonderful church family. I must provide support to the deacons and leaders in the front lines of the battle. I am called to be part and parcel of the great exploit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am invited to become part of a great cause.

All glory be to God, who has called us to live an intense life of love and pilgrims. (1 Pet. 4:10-12).

By fullest good will I overcome my fears and Joanna this and every day. Your words of good will become deeds of good will.

I have heard a phrase for many years: A good start, a good solution and a good finish. It all depends on where we start. If we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior in all our midst, we have the best start in the world. If we don’t start, we may find ourselves in a disaster later on. A great start keeps us on the right track. A good solution provides us with a product or a solution in good condition when we return. A good finish puts us in victory position, and inspires us once again with good things as the new season begins.

Through these three periods of preparation I was able to prepare the way for the wonderful news about the birth of Christ in our generation. The birth of Jesus Christ is the true reason for the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. He came first to prepare the way for us and he accomplished this with the Cross and the Resurrection.

Through these three approaches to preparation I was able to grasp the great news about the birth of Jesus.

Through the gracious working of the Holy Spirit I successfully guided one another through:

All of us are called to the heights of the Mt. of Triumph where we will celebrate the making of the people wise over the great happenings in our lives.

1 Thess. 2:18 (New King James Version)

” joyful and glad of heart in God’s plans above, Filling every need according to God’s plan for us.”

Being joyful and glad of heart in God’s plans means we know all things work together for our good. The most important attitude we keep in our midst is joy.

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The Gift Of Will
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