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The Gift Of Will

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Will is what we choose to do. There are two planes of existence. The human and the spiritual plane. The human plane is the physical dimension where we have the ability to communicate with others and work for our selves. The higher realms are the realm of the spirit. Religions, demonic powers, dark forces and the kingdom of darkness operate here.

The gift of will is a force within all of us. With this gift we have the ability go to any place at any time and do anything we want. As athletes or musicians or artists we have the ability use our talent to work for ourselves without the need for anyone else’s permission.

There are two spiritual planes. The celestial and the earthly. The celestial plane is the place where we function spiritually as humans. The purpose of the celestial is to tend to the earth plane. The earth plane is where we chose to experience the five senses and bring them into our souls in order to function and learn. The purpose of the earth plane is to create everything that we know of as ideas, both physical and nonphysical.

The first secret to will is to become aware of what we would like to do, know, and have. Once we have made these choices and spoken our intentions into the universe, we give permission to get into our souls and begin the creation of our physical and nonphysical realities. Part of this critical process is also working with our minds to see if our intentions are aligned with our intensions. If they are, our minds will let us know. Then Part of following our intentions is also aligning our actions with them.

Intention and willingness are the stars of our show. Without them, we are lights that are sent into the night. We have the ability to will but do not seem to know how. We wonder why we do or do not get what we desire. It is not so much that we do not know how, it is wise to know how and be willing to know how.

The gift of will is the first step in mastery because it is going to show up even if we do not see it in the layman’s terms of human understanding. It is going to show up regardless of our education, experience, or beliefs. The instrumental frequency associated with the will, (ounced will) is the song of creation. The song of creation has a beautiful frequency. In order to hear this song in purity and clarity, we need to quiet our minds completely. This is done by really concentrating on the part of the spectrum that we are playing in.

By concentrating on and playing the harmonics of the celestial sphere, we are able to reconnect and listen to the subtle voice of the universe and begin to translation the song of creation into plain English. This is a smooth and easy process, and can be done by anyone. Our only source of opposition is our own inability to stop the flow of events. Once it begins, there is no stopping it and we become unable to influence the outcome of what we desire or have asked for.

By having the ability to suspend physical reality down to the metaphysical level, or to a level attainable only by the use of careful and perceptive concentration, we are able to send will out into the universe and direct events to accomplish whatever our intentions are at the metaphysical level. This level of focus, even in an ordinary person, is very, very limited. Using the will in this way requires that we have gone beyond the need to control our lives and somehow surrendered our will to a higher power.

If we have truly SEEN our desires manifested to us in the 5 natural colors of the spectrum, and if we have heard our desires expressed by the choir of angels, then it is quite easy to imagine what it might have been like to have believed we had such power. What we were like as we navigate our way through the winds of time might be very different than what we would like to be. But, perhaps even more telling is the outreach of our natural state of will to others. Maybe the angels forgot to tell us how easy it is to return to our own energies if we only took the time to get quiet enough to listen and feel the sound of our own voice.

By knowing the sound of our own voice, we are also able to send our intentions out into the universe without the convoluted twists and turns of space or time. As the harmonics from the throat chakra sing their singular melodies, our physical frequencies merge and match like harmony in harmony. The space that seems to exist according to this paradigm shift is a sea of unity. All is one.

Perhaps the most important thing about the concepts of sovereignty and unity is the manifestation of joy and peace in our hearts that comes from our own conscious choice to embrace the truths presented here.

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