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The Divine Woman -Benefits Of Dry Sleep

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Despite popular beliefs, women do not lose their periods when they fall into a deep sleep. Rather, they experience a wake-up call which keeps them from doing work or engaging in other enjoyment until the next period. The call comes from the survival brain that sees it as essential to survival to awaken from a deep of sleep and do everything it needs to do to get back to the world. The period of sleep is called by different names depending on culture, but for purposes sake of discussion, we shall use the term “Dry Sleep”.

If we think about nature, we see that flowers are the first to experience this “Dry Sleep” condition and evolve to the next level of beauty. Likewise, animals also experience this state with the reason of being in the world, and so do trees, fish, and all things that live in this world. We all eagerly look forward to new things and the evolution of new forms, hoping that the new will be as good or better than the old.

The brand new idea can only arrive as a result of the previous idea or as a result of the culmination of a series of ideas. Such was the case with the industrial revolution which brought about the information age.

Most of us have heard that ideas are things. This is a fact but the moment we try to put these ideas into action, there is a obstacle put in our way simply because of the ego. The ego is that twig of leaves that sticks to our trees and effectively prevents us from doing what we want.

Take away this little twig and we begin to see more clearly the effect of ideas. The first thing that happens is that we lose sight of the whole vision of what we are trying to achieve. The next thing that happens is that the natural talents begin to fade and perhaps even disappear within us because we have bought into the whole idea that we are “not” good enough.

The more we are told to look outside ourselves, the more unjust this perception is. It turns out that other organisms are quite as good as us. They come in, eat, mate and produce far more seed than we do. Their satisfaction of appetite is of no importance to them: just like our so-called “self”.

The little voice within the head says not to worry because there is someone else who is infinitely better than us. And so this belief in superiority begins to transform our entire outlook of life.

Soon, one day, something happens. The idea of competition begins to dissolve and a new belief system appears in its place. This is the time when we see the need of sacrifice. It is not that we cannot sacrifice our needs. We can sacrifice our happiness, comfort, excitement, etc. But the only real true sacrifice is to the spirit; it is that we are willing to give it up for another.

Real sacrifice means that we are willing to die for something greater than ourselves. Perhaps it is that reason why at times we may desire to sacrifice our life yet not sacrifice our self; this is the self-centered mind speaking. But when this mind is trained up properly, it can make a rational choice to sacrifice oneself for the greater good of the others.

The time comes when this sacrifice is the only way to get the desired result. It is like the story of the alters. The alter didn’t wish to turn off, it simply did so to help humanity.

Today, at last, the phenomenon of sacrifice is everywhere. It is almost as if everyone is practicing the art of sacrifice. But it is not the art but theESSENCEof the art. Sacrificial acts arise out of the will to do the will of God. This is because “to will” is the will of God. Whatever we will to do or to feel is what we are doing to the Universe. This is the reason why “good” and “bad” are the directions of the Universe. Whatever you do with a “good” feeling will get you “bad” feeling. There is hence no choice as to what you will feel so you can enjoy the feeling of sacrifice.

But all these feelings of ours are only pictures, ideals, and emotions of what we could be or what we have been doing with our minds. They are not real. Realize that. And live this truth. This is what life is. It is not a time to indulge in feeling sadder than thou Satisfied, No. Everyday counts. It is a journey to Liberation.

Realize also that this is a journey of taste, Not a destination. You can’t just fly!

Our thoughts are not concrete, physical things we can work out and achieve.

Thoughts are unmanifest, and therefore free and powerful

The will to Sacrifice is a decision that can arise anywhere, at anytime. No matter where you are. Or who you are.

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The Divine Woman -Benefits Of Dry Sleep
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