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The Devouring Man

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My vision was clear as John heard the voice of Jesus. TheReading Candlestickwas displayed before him. Jesus turned it around to show John.

Suddenly in the middle of the message Jesus recited the name of God. Immediately all at once, in my head the name, Jesus Christ, burst upon my brain. Immediately I remembered the pre-Christian poetical and literary works of Paul.

John wasted no time in returning this forgotten name to the true One. [God] I am glad and glad to adore you, O Lord. I kneel on holy ground. [I am kneeling as if in prayer in front of you.]

Having remembered the joys of my youth in the simple things of life, I was back to experiencing the torment I had felt as a young child. Tears rolled down my face in expectation of the watery embrace of Jesus’ conception.

I have never forgotten that day or the experience. Few of us have. Yet it is not the simple things of life which pass away but the trying of our faith.

Some people say, “Oh, the pain is so great, I will never forget.” My response is: [ sympathetic] “I will never forget the agony of the moment. But I remember the joy which blossomed brightest in the memory of that sunset. My heart is pure because my God lives.” [My heart is pure because my God lives]

I am standing on Holy Ground. My life is situated between two oceans. I am grateful for this position. If the shore were covered with snow, I still would be grateful for the green grass of a fields nearby. If the skies were blue, I still would be thankful for the sight of the sun piercing through the purple-flowering hopes of spring. If the earth were dry and barren, I would still be gracious for the provision of water in a well. If I were sick, I would not allow the thought of a Healer to cross my mind. I remember a time in my Christian life when I was ill. I have been ill many times since and am grateful for the memory of the Cross and the doctor’s orders. I am blessed because my Savior, the wonderful physician Jesus, said, “Although your troubles are overwhelming, it is not I who will fail you but the physician.”

Therefore, even though my troubles are overwhelming, I remember the joys of my past, attempting to relive them in my mind. And I am thankful to God, Whom I invoke by conscience, that He will not let me forget the ease and joys of prayer.

Setting priorities by having a wish list does not aid in the recovery process.

It is not having a wish list of what I want to accomplish when I am free that will enable me to grasp this truth: I am already possessed, I am already the possessed, and there is no enemy of my soul that can Uriel mine internal vibrations and thought-energy field to do more than I freely wish to do.

Therefore, let us not expand our list of wanted and desired things by taking hold of the wrong idea that we need more things. Satan is a liar and wheeler dealer. Be careful of who you associate with on the internet or in the community. friend or relative, not so much acquaintances, not your neighbors. Certain individuals and organizations pry in the rights of persons and communities, yet when it comes to the actual practice of Christian counseling, which is counseling in the supernatural realm of God, insulated with the hypodermic of Jesus Christ, I tell you, it is very different.

The first rule I teach in my counseling is a rule of integrity, which I think is very important for a leader in Christian counseling, especially one who is ashamed of his or her own failings, and yet, I am not your typical leader, God tells me, I am speaking a different language, do I understand you question my witness?

My answer is, “You can’t say.” I have spent too much time reflects and I have let my own Holy Spirit lead me to learn even lesser known truths about the nature of people, their motivation and their demonic obsessions. I realized in Christ’s story, I needed to be familiar with the motives of both God and man to truly understand them, to sympathize with them through the power of His Love, to truly understand the demonic oppression thatsuffered because of sin, to show me the secrets hidden desires of sin, to show me the invisible destructive and destructive forces that motivated them to behave the way they did, to show me the wiles they use to deceive the very people who claimed to love them. To do this, I need to know their back ground.

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