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The Circle Of Life Covers Two Paths

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Imagine the journey of your life as a simple circle. On the top of the circle you have a bright light that is your higher self, and on the bottom it represents your lower self. The concept of the circle of life is twofold. First, it symbolizes the beginning and ending of the life, and it also highlights the two parts; the upper and the lower self. The upper self is the part of you that encompasses spiritual pursuits. This is the self that is Arthuric in origin. Your “higher self” happens to have a clear understanding of where you came from and how you affiliated yourself to the universe.

The lower self represents the daily rationalizations of the ego. It is the ignorant part that makes decisions about how to navigate through life. It is a figment of your imagination that is often brought into reality through your five senses. This projected self will have a hard time letting go of the mind, but it is not entirely an inanimate object. All that it is, is your mind, a very clear, complete mind that is safe but slightly visionary.

The higher self or the soul is not so confined, it encompasses the entire universe. This is why it is both easier to cultivate the lower self when you are in balance, or at least when you are aligned to the lower self. You will find that when you come into conflict with your fears, they disappear.

It doesn’t mean that your soul is not attuned to pain or pleasure, but it doesn’t have the pleasure or the pain that the lower self does. When you think of the soul as an separate entity, you can detach yourself from the misery of the day and begin to focus on the blessings in your life. Not only do you have the capacity to completely change your perceptions about yourself and others, but you also get to create entire realities. The unique and individual way that your consciousness chooses to experience reality gives the soul something to do.

Let’s say that you had a video game installed on your computer. You spent hundreds of hours playing that game and were completely immersed in it. You took you attention off of the game and your monitor, your keyboard, and your monitor down to the very red lest it catch fire. Every time you pause your game, you focus on the monitor and almost instantly you are taken out of the game. To bring you back into the game, you simply navigate to a certain exit. You may choose to do it through the display, or ask voices or music to guide you to your way. All of this takes you out of the video game and brings you back into reality, at least for a moment.

Your authentic self is that which exists beyond your imagination. It is the self that exists in the spiritual realms. It is that part of you that is created through and is ordained by your spiritual enlightenment and the very presence of the Divine. It is still a part of you, but in this instance it is a super sensitive, super clear part. It is capable of focusing upon the dance of your own natural world and it does just that because it is tuned in to a higher frequency than the one that you are accustomed to. This higher frequency will lay itself about you like a blanket and cover you like a protective cloak. Being cloaked like this is undesirable at best. You must dis attire yourself of any such cloak, if you want to step into the sunlight.

Now that you realize the existence of your super self, you may ask the question “Where does my super self fit into this conceptual scheme?” To begin to explore that, the first step is that both the upper self and the lower self are present at the same time. The lower self is the mock self so-to-speak that inhabits the alongside of the higher self. The upper self is the eternal, incorporeal aspect of your being that always exists in the higher dimensions where it resides as a fully aware Distal Self.

It has been given a unique code, an encoded identity, and it is your job to discover and remember it. You are to discover the lower self and let it know of your desire to upper self. As you do this, the upper self is relased to the lower self. The newly relased Self with its newly remembered code becomes the new lower self, and the two become one, the new soul.

Now your soul and your Higher Self are One in the same. But it is up to you to manage this energetically. As you do so, you will become known as an eternal being. And because the upper self is the eternal being, it can never die. Your heart cannot die, since it is the life force, the energy that runs through your heart. And this act of your choosing creates a new you with a new life purpose.

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The Circle Of Life Covers Two Paths
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