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The Christic Seed

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Buried within each individual consciousness is the Christic seed – that aspect of the Christic soul essence, buried deep in the memory of the Higher Self, which seeks to be released, to rise up in the light, to be known as “I Am the I Am” (Christ), through the total destruction of the old, by the total destruction of the old way of thinking, old beliefs, old ways of heart and mind. The old, false (lay) ways of seeing and thinking, must be continuouslydigested, destroyed, and cast out, for they are but an illusion, a smoke screen masking the truth of who you are, and the truth (love) of what you are trying to express and communicate.

Our reality is filled with points of light, tiny sparks of divine consciousness, dancing in and through layers of dense physical matter, till these sparks spontaneously recognize the truth of their existence and desire to rise up in the air, and dance in and through the Christ which is embedded within the heart center of all humans. In some cases it is only a matter of rising up to a few degree higher in vibration, for in the very process of rising, a whole persona is transformed, enraptured and filled with divine love, light and wisdom – it is truly a mystical experience.

As this process is neither linear nor linearContinual waveiftingOr commotion, permeating all the space and time, these seemingly random ripples of light, begin to coalesce into a bigger whole, which transcends space and time, space and time. These growing particles of light begin to move into a more pure, purer vibration. The more pure the light, the purer the vibration.

As you might well imagine, this entire process is symbolic, and can best be understood as being composed of two interrelated parts:

1) A lowerively-oriented aspect of your whole identity, a “personality”

2) An upperially-oriented aspect of your whole identity, a “heart center”

Each of these is a lower and higher center, a center of duality,for instance:

A lower center of your whole identity would be the part of your ego that deals with validation and applies pressure for achievement, the sense of loss and the desire for approval.

A higher center of your whole identity would be that aspect of your essence which is inspired by love and compassion, the aspects of your nature which are attached to altruism and charitable giving.

These two centers complement each other, each supporting the other as the higher and lower centers support the decisions and choices of the other, like two hands weaving a robe.

When these two centers are allowed to merge – for they can – one can see a symbol of All, a representation of Divine Love and Light, in form of a radiant, ever-shifting, interwoven rainbow.

One can see a Repeating, Unitating Pure Joy.

This JOY, Repeating Unitating Pure Joy, is free, unencumbered, and available, and is The ONLY true source of unencumbered, free, assisted, flowing energy in the form of Light.

The only energy that is capable of holding this pure state of happiness and goodness is Light/Spirit.

Light/Spirit has primal energy, exudes a sense of unconditional love and friendliness, and is the distilled essence of a Divine/Ascension consciousness.

The only energy capable of separating this Light/Spirit from the darkness of matter/ego is – Light/Spirit

That which is capable of flowing through thick material realities, and through strong physical forces, is capable of flowing through weak Spiritual/Matter realms, such as a world filled with paranoid paranoia, violence, (inated) hate, humiliation, greed and selfishness, etc.

The ego is incapable of penetrating the mind of a pure Heart.

The egoic cupidity is the only thing that%uardless of what%u chlorineizes our thought processes, and makes it impossible to follow the Will of God and the encourage enter into and live a life of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

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