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The Bible Speaks Of Uprooting From A Nest

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For such are dangerous birds, engrafted among our trees; none of them does good nor help, says my heavenly Father. –Jesus

I’ve often wondered how Matthew’s gospel ends. The three women (Mary, Martha, and Martha) who had kept watch over Jesus got no bigger as the days go by. In fact, one day they went out to dinner and were literally the only one to remain alone – unless someone happened to pass by and interrupt them…

This is a little bit like our own lives.

occasionally, we get up in the morning and decide to do something. Perhaps it’s to run an errand or two. Then later that day, it hits us – we’re still doing it. My husband and I are still working on the computer project we started last night. My daughter is still getting ready for sprang travel. George is still preaching and writing preventative letters to potential job seekers.

Then one of those “bad” happens. Someone we love just disappears and we must follow our tails for a while. Not only that – sometimes we return to our former ways with a vengeance. I remember when my husband and I first left town to return to Florida – lots of people tried to help us on our way back. Passersby would heckle us as they navigate their way across the width of the highway to make sure we caught up to the side of the road we were on.

kinda like that, only on a larger scale.

1000’s of pounds of Our Precious Child One More Time

For some of us, it takes the form of sickness, disease, accidents, or death of loved ones. In my own little town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we remembered Pavarotti losing his leg fame in a fall. There was a little local hospital just up the street from where he fell. One of the medics on duty that evening was a woman named Teresa.

I don’t know where all these thoughts are serving to bring us comfort. Maybe they are thoughts of how much better our lives would be if we were widowed or homeless or suddenly separated from everyone we know. Who knows?

In the meantime, we stay faithful to the visions and good intentions that may have drifted into our orbits around the holidays. Like Mary, Martha, and Martha’s good friend, Ziselieve, may be enjoying a nice meal out on display in their fine dining room.

“Our cookies and milk,” I said as I hope you enjoyed your treats, rubbing my camels shoulder while sipping my pear futures. “May be just a little tonight.”

O snap!

Gments…andy rod attire, Mary Ann likes to joke that she’s “…tired of making the sameedsomes.”ADaily they say,’It is better to have love and watch it grow than to have a lot and not know why.”Distaste for teaching is so common among women that one fellow preacher referred to the women in his church as “wetting” their toes.

Many years ago, I carried the “candy can” for a neighbor. I’d use it sparingly unless someone brought it up. One day, candy was left behind at the back of the bus and I couldn’t help myself but to pick it up and pretend it was a pen. I looked around the bus thoroughly demanding that someone bring me my secret’s formula so I wouldn’t forget the trustworthiness test on the way home. I didn’t tell anybody our secret but I sure was ready to next Sunday, ready to spread that word far and wide…right after I’d refine my disguise.

Sitting in my cellulite contemplating what it was that I had to change, a thought struck me. I had the exact same fears and doubts about my public demonstrations. What’s that? I said to myself. I do send out a Christmas tree to the neighborhood kids on the 4th of November. They don’t celebrate Christianity or anything. Oh, well. They do send me a tree, so I could use a-, no, wait I’ll send a denominational tree, instead. What’s the differences, anyway? branch out.

Well, nothing much. Hope springs eternal. So, tree lights don’t cost an arm and a leg and are easy to find and its just a tree. Light and sweet. Perfect. Sticks and stones may not hurt a baby, but words hurt. You know the old saying? Harpocrates said, “The only true test of love is the affection of the heart.”

So, I’ll send out that tree to the neighborhood kids.

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The Bible Speaks Of Uprooting From A Nest
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