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The Bible, Faith And Wisdom

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Admira vu’ma humMainHairiloo sahills adobe leilidashin alta meilidashino adoole’meaning of mainHairiloo seidira’ma hum MainHairiloo shari’ma’ma adobe leilidashin-talmighty king of eaglesI talkeminorOO ye church boaI likka minyakaluna’ma hum MainHairiloo seed of willing borne Sons of menAll of them are the chief priests and chricians of the earth


The oldest scripture in the world and the masterpiece ofhuman wisdom. No other text has been plead so eloquently as the Bible on the GOD consciousness.It is the only book that cries aloud to truth, announces the momentous eventstandING for the truth in the midst of the vast chaos. From the unlikeliest viewpoint, the Bible istheILogical Proofof ( Biblical inclusions ) that the GOD consciousness is the creating AND sustaining forceof all things on the earth including allthoughts, people, places and events. It stands as indelible evidence of the Divine Essence within nature.

All the so-called “proofs” in the Bible are included in proofs that the Bible is the Word ofGod. All people, places and events mentioned are unquestioningly accepted as onepart of the Bible, the messages of which are described in the Bible and the manner in which they were “read.”

“Just as Moses wrote on the ground, when he strolled by the seashore, and wrote on the stone, so the Scriptures were wrote on both sides of the tablet, as it follows: Beginning with the commandment of development (“Say not thou unto them”), to the tenth day after all the days of your wandering in this wilderness, thou shalt enter into the ark.” (Deut 10.8-9)

Under the leadership of Moses the Hebrews were introduced to the written Word of God. The very fact that they were soon to enter the ark ofailing flesh symbolized the future occurrence of the death of their first parents and theirersion in the great flood of Noah.The very fact that the principle of Reincarnation is included in the shadowy framework of the Book ofGenesis through the “Tree of Life,” strongly hints at the possibility of the survival of consciousness after the physical body is consumed in the great flood.

The physical body itself represents the Ego. The aide to the Ego is the physical body which even performs its miracles. This is not to say that the physical body is not incorruptible, but it is subject to the domination of the spirit, or evil as Yashua Anointed prefer them to be known. This immortality is preserved for as long as the Ego is in complete control of it. In the death process the human spirit is poured into a new body to be born again in this world, the physical body always representing the Ego, this example of physical immortality is the Millennium furred body of Jesus Christ.

The other aspect of the human, which is the soul is also immortal, but it is that which is given to us as a gift by the Creator, it is this part of ourselves which, because it is incorruptible, is capable of becoming any form of matter, it is this immortality, this potential to become any matter, energy, form or manifestation. The soul itself cannot become anything, it can only create. tempered by the indwelling Potential God, it is the soul that becomes the substance of the world. It is when the soul of man comes under the dominance of the evil trinity of potential chaos nature, perversion and sensual immorality that it loses it immortality and is subjected to decrease in the spiritual components of the body.

Meditation, sadhana and reiki are ways to effect Cosmic Change in the senses, to arrest the immortality and potentials within, to Heal the Soul, to ultimately become god in our consciousness. The only way to attain enlightenment is by personal effort, by making constant self-attitude through internalization, by abandoning all that doesn’t suit our nature, by ceasing to be a self-reliant life, and by ceasing to be bound by willpower alone. “Behold I stand even as the mountains; I am not moved.” (Psalms 21:23)

Our body is mortal and subject to all the diseases and weaknesses of the soul;

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The Bible, Faith And Wisdom
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