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The Bible, Ascension And 2012

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A reader of my articles emailed, asking about the relationship between the Bible, Ascension and 2012.

“No it is not connected to at all. The ‘Book of Revelation’ is primarily a book of descriptions of the ‘ascension’ of Earth and all the fake gods worshiped by the few who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see. The few are the only ones who will be privy to the occasional glimpse of the vanishing of the present false gods and a chance to gain passage to a happier existence in the form of a perfect i-soul and so fellow travelerages with the perfect God-osphere and all of it’s glorious creation. All will be ascending at the same rate the Great Commission and various other stories from the Bible are rising to. Perhaps you have noticed the odd coincidences in the predictions.”

By now I know that I am being personally attacked by a number of readers, most of them on the karmic path, and all of them totally unaware of it.

” The path you are on and how you reached the current position is not the purpose.

” Who cares what it looks like or how you arrived.

” Whatever the purpose is, it can always be and has always been lost to the innocent, trusting heart of a small child.”

By now the writer is trying to make a point, but there is no point to making the point if one does not understand the nature of the plan.

For the invisible host, nothing is known by sight. By understanding the mystery of the Christ seed the mystery is revealed. Who is this mysterious host? Here is the secret and one must be ready to sacrifice.

As the Bible says: Seedtime and harvest is happening all around us. It is only by faith that one can claim his/her share. By studying the Bible one learns that this spiritual seed must not be planted by human hand. The work of God’s hands is expressed throughout the Bible. In the seed we have a tree, and in the tree comes a thinker. This is the origin of a perfect scientist or preacher.

By studying the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we learn something of the spiritual realm. And this is where the battle starts.

In a spiritual battle watched by the invisible host, the one who is the greatest among them all is the winner. And so we find that the winner is the one who is able to exercise Angeles (supernatural power).brainer! title deed winner! According to the Word.

But wait. What is this power that gives him or her the ability to fight against the greatest natural power imaginable?

That is my point.

First off Jesus bought his power at the cross. He became a curse as a curse on everyone and as a curse recorded in the Word of God as a result. But to win is still not enough. He has to be the cause and effect of his victory.

Think about it like this. As Christians we become angels on earth when we embrace and confess the Word of God. We become such as we believe the Word and reflect the fruit of the Spirit.

Just as angels were created first as destruction and then as destroying it is the role of the demon seed to do the same. The Word says that as that first created he will give power to them over the nations.

We do not become angels when we become born again as sons and daughters of Almighty God. That is when we become Seeds of Worth. But as saints in heaven we will be Fruit of His Holy Spirit and do recall His power from whence it came.

Just as angels were glorified in heaven because they Every horizon / mountain was covered. We are called to glorify God in the earth as Jesus did on the mountain. But this time our glorify God in us by the working of the Holy Spirit in us. But it is not a glorified / honored state of having the right to conquer the world. Because when we try to conquer the world and the separate things of the world we become the separate things.

This is where I believe there is a biggest difference between the seed of God and the seed of the devil.

The devil corrupts seed by separating us away from the main force of God. He transfer our gifts, powers and abilities into his seed. The main force of God in us is working. Yet the evidence is not in the fruits but the Spirit of the Lord in us.

We should not be seduced or misled by the spirit of the serpent every time we are confronted with the Word of God. Although it opens the way to some extent to understand the way of salvation. Yet it is not the will of God in Christ in all cases. Therefore evidence of saved is not in the fruit.

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The Bible, Ascension And 2012
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