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The 112 Steps To Wellness – 9 Tips To Help You Difference Between Religion And Spirituality


To some, life is simply the process of going to the gym, having a nice meal or cold shower. To others, life is all about their work of being a responsible person, raising the next generation and making their proud of who they are and have become. And to yet others, life is about experiencing one psychic or spiritual experience after another, each one leading to its own personal and successful spiritual journey.

My experience is that following the above broad categories, life is constantly moving between them, none better or worse than another. As children, we are most definitely in transition, moving from one level of life to another one. As adults, we attempt to maintain awareness of who we once were as our inner beings, and we learn new ways of existing in the world.

It is this paradoxical journey that we embarked on in our physical life, and then this more permanent journey into our spiritual life. The biggest mystery may be, does our spirit leave while we’re in the physical incarnation of life, or does it continue once our physical life ends?

There’s a stream of literature, texts and books, all claiming to fully explain who we are, and where we came from and how to continue our journey once we die. But none so far have succeeded to any degree in helping us get there.

Many of the people who write about being truly spiritual have little or no idea what the term actually means. But, in my opinion, they’re off the mark.

Spirit, by definition, means “that which is immortal; the immortal God, Self, Spirit; the divine; the invisible attribute or quality; the essence; the totality of all; fullness; full powers.”

So there must be some kind of supreme power that exists, that created all of it. And there’s a big Williamson on that creative force, and he says there’s no problem with believing in him, and there’s no problem in believing in him even though things look bad for us in the natural. He is our creator who never changes. He is the alpha and the omega. (Read John 1:1-5)

Also by invoking our biblical principles of faith, without evidence, and speaking in tongues, only the Spirit of God is speaking. He’s the One who gives us the evidence of the Spirit’s action in our lives; He conforms to our thoughts because our thoughts are controlled by the Word of God. And He has the perfect plan for our lives without any hindrance.

He’s often talked about as being one, two or even three. And while there are natural three, fours don’t exist. The biblical expression of God’s fullness is often called the “Fullness of the Godhead.” Thus, when people talk about the fullness of Godhead, it refers to the fact that God is in absolute control of the affairs of our lives, He is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving, the Alpha and the Omega, unconditional, unchangeable, and all-knowing. Since He created us, He will lead us into all Truth. He will effectipples in our lives that will conform us to His image, that of the Omega, the Unchangeable, the Beginning and the End. He will effect us in the right way for our future needs by equipping us with the right ways of speaking, the rightitudes to act, and the right types of friendships and associations.

And on a more personal note, we feel the same way by the amazing works of the Spirit of the Universe, which are beyond the understanding even of the most science-minded among us. The little stream, or river, with no visible branch joins at the point where its source is. Likewise, by the Spirit’s power, we can form any we want in our lives with noolding, leadership, or resides.

In this sense, we can also say that “The Spirit of The Universe” is God itself.

May we always be touched by the greatness of this universe, the Great Spirit.

May we feel God’s Spirit, constantly working through us, as we continue to gradually become spiritually stronger and spiritually mature.

“The Spirit of The Universe is the presence of God; the invisible, pervading spirit of the universe and invisiblereaching out to Man; the spirit that fills the universe and fills us.”

The 112 Steps To Wellness – 9 Tips To Help You Difference Between Religion And Spirituality
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