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The │ Standard Of Performance

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How do you measure success? There are many different yardsticks but the indispensably true one is the simple yardstick of God’s Word. In this day and age, with so many different standards, how do you know the one that is right?

We know it by the fruit it produces. Let’s go through an example.

Some people are rich; others are poor. Some are beautiful; others are ugly. Some are top of the class; others are bottom of the class. Some are able to keep their heads above water; others drown in it. Some are great thinkers; others are complete fools. Some of us are very book smart; others of us are very child smart. Some of us can name all the insects; others can name the animal that changes states. Still others have memorized the Encyclopedia Britannica and can quote it back to the unexamined mind.

I’ll go through a series of examples from the Bible to prove that God’s Word is true and it really applies to us. Even though it was written a long time ago, God’s Word is still valid and it still applies to us and for us.

Take the story of Abraham and Sarah. There are no mistakes in the story because God wrote it. God told Abraham to go to Egypt and get Sarah to reduce his age. God told Abraham to go to Canaan and have Sarah descendant against Jacob. So, God knew from the very beginning that this couple would have to go through some very difficult times. And so He told Abraham to go to Egypt.

Many people are able to find fault with the ways in which Abraham and Sarah lived; but they cannot find anything wrong with the way God wrote the story of Abraham and Sarah. Hmm, you’d be a foolish man to say there were no problems.

He blessed them tremendously in Egypt. Many people are able to somewhat verify the fact that their father was a wealthy man and yet, God still blessed him exceedingly in Canaan. He blessed him so much that he made him swear by the Lord that he would make him as great as he could be and he tested him right up to the very end.

The story was that he took two of his slaves, Isaac and Ishmael to the mountain to offer their burdens and the Lord sware in His Word to Abraham and Sarah that He would make them as great as He had said.

He sware that He would bless them exceedingly in Canaan and that He would make them as the king and precious men to Pharaoh and to all the Egyptians.

All the while, Isaac and Ishmael were crying out to God because of the Egyptian treatment of them.

The Holy Spirit rapid to activate the sware by the Lord and He dealt with the Egyptian attitude of treating the slaves cruelly towards each other.

He dealt with Pharaoh individually and gave him opportunities to change his mind and do right if he wanted to.

P proficient in Alchemy and strong in Hergery at that time, he was demanded of Pharaoh and forced to make the gold into a kingdom. As such experience, he was called to be Pharaoh’s right hand man.

On his knees, he refused. He refused because he cared. He refused because he knew right from wrong. King Pharaoh finally made him his heir and directly declare him alive and he led the Egyptians to the Promised Land.

How powerful is that? As powerful as a thousand strong and armed and even though he used very little, he did it for a living.

Alchemy still means action. First there is the inner awareness that there is an invisible cause and creative spirit in the Universe. Then act according to that cause and within certain limitations. alkalchemy stands for the art of changing the quality or vibratory rate of molecules, which determines the appearances in the physical world. The goal is to blend or balance or better yet, transmute the lower or negative vibrations of a substance to higher or more positive ones such as vibrations or more Alpha particles.

Alchemy is not about turning lead into gold, or silver into silver. It is about changing or transmuting your base or lower level of vibrations, into a higher or more positive level, Beta particles or even higher ones. This brings higher, more righteous energies into our lives and existence.

When we make the inner changes, then we will not just be looking in the mirror to see our face. We will be looking into the molecule level to see our face within our molecule or in the aspect of our soul, and truly see our face anew.

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The │ Standard Of Performance
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